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To be honest, legendaries aren't my favorite, but Zekrom/Reshiram(/Kyurem) are pretty good.

I like Zekrom's design better, although I've come to appreciate Reshiram's in due time. Zekrom's is better executed, I feel and more...solid.(?) Reshiram has those weird: Wings! But wait, there's more! If you order now, we'll throw in some HANDS jutting out from the wings! Only $19.95! (in essence I don't like the wing-arm things Reshiram has geesh) Also, I like Zekrom's body design, and black is just cooler I guess lol. Plus I like Zekrom's little blue tip!

I think Reshiram has the better typing/movepool/stats with it's typing, though I'm not a competitive battler so correct me if I'm wrong. Plus, Reshiram's signature moves look cooler.
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