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Originally Posted by arbok View Post
Well we've got Croagunk and Toxicroak for toad like poison types.
Hmm I find myself growing less able to think of new pokemon now. I could imagine them creating living smoke which may seem similar to Gastly. Surprised we haven't seen a bug/poison mosquito styled pokemon yet. Even maybe a giant bacteria blob thing (I mean we've got one based on a stomach!)
... How did I forget about those two lmao. Okay never mind we do have poisonous toads I'm just being thick xD I think the mosquito idea is good though, that would look awesome o3o And certainly would be viable as a poison type. And tbh I wouldn't be all that surprised if the blob thing did happen; based on Grimer > Gulpin > Trubbish they're going to have a new one at some point so why not base it on that? xD I certainly think of anything else it'd be based on haha.

Originally Posted by Queen of Poison View Post
Name : Queen of Poison
Partner :
Reason :
Because I love poison pokemon and always have a poison pokemon on my pokemon team. That if it is not an all poison team.

Hi, welcome to the club! n.n What made you choose Drapion as your partner? c: I'm glad to see people passionate about Poison Pokémon, not enough people are nowadays D: What makes you like them so much though? It'd be great to know c: Hope to see you around here lots! n.n

Guys we need a new featured Pokémon! What shall it be? :3