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    "aaaaaarrrrrgggghhhh!" i cried. i had fallen off of ryan's back while he was flying over the ocean! as i fell, i morphed into my espeon form. in form, i have a lavender body and a magenta orb on my head. sploosh! i splashed in the water with a crash. (when i use <>, it means lisa's pokespirit is speaking). "well, it seems i fell off of ryans back while he was flying, obviously. the question is how to get out of this wet situation, because i can't swim!" i struggled to stay afloat when suddenly a blue dot appeared in the distance. "uh, i don't think so...." i replied uneasily. "ok, ok, but i'm getting tired!" i said in frustration. as it got closer, i realized that it was a pokespirit in the form of a lapras. "help!" we cried together. "hello. you seem to be in distress. please hop on my back." i scrambled onto the lapras pokespirit's back fast to get out of the freezing ocean. "allow me to introduce myself. i am anna pentom, but you can call me laprisa. you are? who are you? i haven't seen you around these parts." laprisa said, navigating towards sinnoh. "well, i am lisa ishimura, and i came from the johto region. if you wish, you can call me espii. my old friends from johto called me that." "wow, what a story!" laprisa commented. "well, we be headed to sandgem town. we're about, say, 20 minutes away." and i listened to laprisa tell stories while we headed towards sandgem town, wherever in sinnoh that happened to be, far away from ryan or not.
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