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Mako Reese
Route 206 - Valley Windworks

"Hey, pissboy," Kraus said in a nonchalant voice. "Don't look now, but those chicks from before are going the same way as us." Mako looked out of the trees to see that Lucy and Amy were indeed going in the same direction, but were a distance away.

"What the heck!? Are they following us or something?" He was bothered by this because there were several reasons he could think that they would follow him; most of them not good.

"Forget that for a second, there's something we need to discuss," Kraus said in an uncharacteristically serious voice. Mako, being dubious of Kraus as he was, wasn't sure if he wanted to listen. Still, given the rarity of his seriousness, he decided to stay quiet and listen. "So, about those blackouts..."

"You know what causes them?"

"No, but it's interesting that you brought them up earlier. I've also been having blackouts, and the timeline coincides with yours." It was rare that Kraus talked this much without so much as an insult unless he was trying to trick Mako, but in this case he had no real reason to.

"So basically you're saying that when I have blackouts, you have blackouts as well?" Mako said, quickening the pace of his walking.

"Yeah, that seems to be the case. Neither you nor I can remember what happens during the time one of us is out, so it must be simultaneous." Kraus responded. Mako was unsure of what to make of this connection, there still wasn't much to suggest any sort of foul play. "Also, we both remember small snippets of things that occur during said blackouts, like the girls' names or Tarsus Gin."

"Wait, you remember stuff too? Like what?"

"Not as much as you, just the name Creed." The name was indeed familiar to Mako, but he'd never met anyone named Creed before. "Anyway, it looks like we're at an impasse, so we might as well leave it at that for now." Mako nodded and exited his tree cover. It was impossible for them to learn anything more, so they decided to wait for more information to arise.
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