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I was originally going to write a parody of Godzilla, but I couldn't think of a good way to execute it. Then I had this idea and absolutely fell in love with the concept of putting characters from SuperVegeta's Pokemon Odyssey in a High School Anime scenario. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it!

Pokemon Oddysee
A New New Beginning
Parody [T]
At the turn of the century, after the Great War, many prominent members of the military decided to build a school to teach students the importance of combat, and readiness for any unknown. It has been 100 years since Valkaria High School was founded, and until recently, order has been held by the prestigious Gold Club. However, last year, Luphen Augustus, also known as Auron, went to a summer camp with several other Gold Club members. Upon their return they were found to be different than when they left (likely due to puberty) and challenged the Gold Club by forming the Silver Club. The Student Council up until this point was largely dominated by the Gold Club. But this year when elections came along, the Silver Club played a dirty game of politics that would make Richard Nixon roll in his grave. They single handedly stole the entire election, and even some of their special pens. I did love those pens. They were the kinds that are filled with gel ink and had “Gold Club” written on the si- [THWAP!] Ow! Sorry! Fine I’ll get back to the story. Anyway, the new school year is just beginning, and the Gold Club has quite a fight on their hands if they want to take back the Student Council and their pens.

A lone Golduck was standing before a great gate. It was made of gold and was decorated lavishly. Sections of it were noticeably missing where people had removed pieces, probably to sell for drugs. Admittedly, a gate made of solid gold wasn’t the best decision in the world. The Golduck was very nervous. He had to leave his old school for reasons he didn’t wish to discuss. And so he was ready to start anew at Valkaria High.

He had been instructed to wait here for his assigned guide to give him a tour of the school. “Hello, my name is Zane.” The Golduck turned to see a gold Bisharp standing beside him. He contemplated the plausibility of the fact that he hadn’t noticed such a flashy Pokemon approaching him, but promptly dismissed it wishing not to strain himself too hard on his first day. “Penance Malum, at your service.” Zane smiled, or at least Penance thought he did. It was hard to tell since there was no visible mouth on his face.

“I will be showing you around the campus today,” said Zane, as he led Penance through the gates. As he walked through the courtyard, he could see statues of heroes from the Great War 100 years ago. Or at least he should have. All that was left were the platforms and plaques. Again, not a great idea to build them from solid gold. “This school was founded 100 years ago, after the Great War. We are very proud of our history. Well, we used to be. You see, until recently, I was the Student Council President. But we had an election last year. And now that title belongs to Auron. Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of respect for Auron. But when he came back from summer camp last year, he was a real ass.” Zane covered his supposed mouth. “I apologize. I shouldn’t be talking about this with you.” Penance smiled and said, “It’s alright. I understand. Sometimes you can’t see what’s coming. Even when it’s punching you in the face.”

“-What was that?” Zane asked. “Nothing,” responded Penance. “Shall we continue, I’m quite starving.” Zane put his curiosity on hold for a moment, “of course! I’ll show you to the Cafeteria.” The two of them proceeded into a great hall, filled with students and teachers of all shapes and sizes. There were rows of lockers lining the hall, many with students trading tools and texts for the coming day. They continued down this hall until they reached a set of double doors. Zane held the door open for Penance and led him inside. “This is the cafeteria. We eat food here.” This seemed to be true. Everyone was eating food. Everyone but a Typhlosion standing at the front of the food line. He was yelling. “You call these eggs! They look like slime to me! But I suppose if this is all your measly GED could help you make then it can’t be helped, can it?!” Everyone in the cafeteria was silent. They all knew not to cross him. “That’s Allen Fury. They call him the Inferno. He’s the Student Council Secretary. He’s got quite the temper,” Zane said to Penance in a whisper. Penance looked on in amazement as no one did anything to stop Inferno, letting him throw a tantrum until he finally stormed out of the cafeteria. Penance ate his breakfast, which he personally thought was pretty good.

When they were both done, Zane led Penance outside to the courtyard. Many students were enjoying their final moments as they waited for the bell to ring. As the two of them waited, an interesting sight caught their eye. A Tyranitar with a scar running vertically through his left eye was towering over a cowering Magby. “Where’s my money, punk?!” The Magby was trembling in fear. “Should we do something?” asked Penance. “That’s Sovereign. He’s another Silver Club member. He doesn’t really have a Student Council position though. He mostly enforces their will. I’m sure Ragnaros will be around soon to deal with it.” Almost immediately after Zane’s conveniently placed bit of exposition, a shadow flew over head in Sovereign’s direction. “Let him go Sovereign!” A great Salamence was standing before them. “You’re going to get yourself in trouble again.” The Tyranitar smiled as he turned to face the dragon. “That’s Ragnaros. The two of them used to be good friends back in the day. But they had a big falling out when the Gold Club wouldn’t accept Sovereign. When Auron came back and formed the Silver Club, he was the first to sign up. Now their constantly at each other’s throats.” Sovereign then slugged Ragnaros in the face with so much force that Penance found himself surprised that he was even still standing. A crowd began to form as the fight escalated. “Should we-?”

“No. let’s just get back inside. It’s best not to get involved. They can sort it out themselves. And if they don’t, Vera will be along to break them up eventually.” And so they returned to the confines of the school halls just as the bell rang out, signifying the start of first period. “Alright, this is where we split up. I’ll see you later at the assembly. Okay?” Penance nodded to Zane and proceeded to his first class: history.

“Hello class. My name is Erratt Chronos. But you can all call me Mr. Chronos.” Isn’t that a convenient name for a history teacher? Mr. Chronos was a very large Garchomp, and it was a wonder that he was able to get into the room. “Now, can anyone tell me what year the Great War started?” A single, small blue hand rose above the rest. Sitting at the front of the class was a Frosslass, looking quite smug. “Year 556, Mr. Chronos.” She sounded so self important as she spoke. “That is correct Frost. But maybe you should give the other students a chance to answer some questions this year. You are Student Council Treasurer after all. You should set a good example.”

“Why? It’s not like anyone else is ever right,” she responded. As class went on she continued to answer every question set forth by Mr. Chronos. Until eventually, Sovereign stumbled in, late to class. “You’re late Sovereign. And you look like you’ve been fighting again. Do I need to tell your mother?” Sovereign glared at him. “Shut up, pops. Like she’s gonna care.” Sovereign then took his seat in the back of class and ignored the rest of reality until class ended.

Later in the day, Penance found himself sitting in a crowded gymnasium, waiting for the assembly to begin. He hadn’t seen Zane anywhere the whole day. But before he could worry about it too much, a Haxorus took the stage. “Greetings, students of Valkaria High. Most of you know who I am already. But for those who don’t, you may call me Auron. I will be your new Student Council President. The past few years, many of you have become complacent. But I am here to tell you that the tyranny of the Gold club is at an end. Now begins the age of the Silver Club! I can guarantee you that there will be many changes. Many, many changes.” As he went on, his tone became more and more malevolent. But when he came to a close, a group of Pokemon came bursting through the gymnasium doors. Penance Recognized Zane at the head of this group, and Ragnaros towards the back. Also among the group were a Snorlax, an Infernape, a Gallade, an Absol, and a Zebstrika. “We will not have this! You bring disgrace to our school. Your ways are corrupt!” Zane was shouting loud enough so that everyone in the gym could hear him. Various other Pokemon gathered around Auron as he approached them. Among them was Frost, Sovereign, Inferno, a Castform, a Flareon, a Scizor, an Aggron, a Nidoqueen, and someone nobody could quite make out because our RP is still recruiting for Silver Tribe… What do you mean I wasn’t supposed to say that? Fine, I’ll stick to the damned script. Penance stood up and said, “Wait!” Every one looked on in amazement as he made his way down the bleachers. He approached Zane, and said, “If you will have me, I would like to join the Gold Club, and fight by your side.” Zane nodded to him, and he took a place among the group.

“Fine, Zane. How shall we deal with this?” Zane was staring intently with fire in his eyes as he said, “we will settle this like our ancestors did!” Auron smiled an evil smile, just like every villain in history has. “With an epic fight to the death?”

“No!” called Zane, “with a game of Basketball!”

“Everything went exactly as planned,” said Frost as she entered the dark room. “Good,” said a deep voice coming from the darkness. “We are one step closer to achieving our plans. Soon everyone will fear the Crystal Club!”

The End?