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I have no idea why it never came across my mind for such a club to exist. I'm a huge fan of creepypasta's, so definitely gonna join this.

Name: Olli97
Pick a pokemon from the list: I can't really think of anything, so I'd have to say GHOST, since it's the one I can relate to the most.
What's your favorite creepy topic?: Though it isn't really as creepy if you compare it to some other creepypastas, and isn't really creepy at all if you've already read it a few times, I was incredibly creeped out the first time I read Come, Follow Me. Most of the story wasn't even creepypasta at all, however when the end came, I was for some reason really scared. It feels like it was really improvised though, as it was pretty realistic through most of it untill the end came, but I don't really mind, as it was entertaining to read.
Do you have a favorite character from a Creepypasta?: Nope, not really.

Originally Posted by Zayphora
As for the Cubone Conspiracy, that's the theory that Cubones are actually baby Kangashans of some sort, and that MissingNo was originally meant to be the "Missing Link" between Kangashan and Cubone. Basically how it was meant to work according to the theory was

Baby Kangashan(MissingNo)--------with leveling and some item-Cubone-Marowak
|With normal leveling and female
I think the Cubone's were actually supposed to be baby Kangaskhans, where the skull on its head would be the mother's. I don't think Marowak was actually supposed to be part of the line, but was put in at the last minute to cover up the whole GHOST thing in Lavender Town, which I think was initially supposed to be between Cubone and Kangaskhan, but was changed due to how morbid it was to have the Cubone wearing the skull of its dead mother. That was probably also the birth of MissingNo, yeah.

As for whether MissingNo should be a legendary, I'd have to say no. It's already made itself a bit of a legend, but only as a glitch Pokémon. It would really make sense for it to be made an official legendary either, as it wouldn't be able to get a decent backstory or anything without changing its origin, killing like everything it's come to be known for.
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