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If anyone is interested here is a rough translation of the intro for people wanting to get some backstory.

Welcome to the Silver Region! Here you will meet many creatures known as POKÉMON! There are hundreds of unique species.
Before you begin your adventure, here are some people you may encounter on your journey!
PEARL is your closest childhood friend. She is impulsive and often gets into trouble.
RICCARDO is one of the most important teachers of POKÉMON knowledge!  He is PEARL's older brother and loves to study rather than fight!
Finally, this is your MOTHER, caring and protective like all mothers, she was there to send you on your journey!
Now tell me, what's your name?
So you're [NAME]? Perfect, your tale, or rather the tales of you and many others are about to begin! Mysteries, challenges, and much more await you on your journey! Are you ready to face your destiny?

Every person has in internal struggle against someone or something...
That resentment leads us to perform unimaginable acts...
However, that Resentment eventually vanishes without a trace...
But what if this resentment had been pent up for over a thousand years?

??? - Kanto Region
August 25, 2012 7:30 pm
Someone is waiting for something...
???: Finally... the awaited day has arrived... the entire Silver Region will submit to my will... and regret the day I was imprisoned…
???: Finally... the watchman has awaken… and the chosen one will make his move...
???: Finally... The legend shall begin anew… and I'm here... back for revenge.
???: They have come… It's finally time to go...

Canyon Seption - Settimisola
August 25, 2012 9:00 am
Someone is about to discover a secret lost to time ...
Steven: I'm here to tell you that our boss, GIOVANNI, is very happy with your work in this area! In addition, I was given the task to do one final excavation before leaving this area. According to the radar, deep this cave lies a massive amount of pure energy. Our task is to absorb as much of this energy as possible so that we can harness its power! Is that clear?
Steven: All right, begin immediately!

??? - Silver Region
August 26, 2012 11:45 am
And finally, someone bears bad news ...
???: Home at last after so long! I missed this fresh mountain air...
???: MASKED, My lord, I have returned!
???: JOHN, my old friend, long time no see! Is this view not amazing? Tell me, what you brings you home after so long?
JOHN: My lord MASKED, I am glad to see you again after all this time! The reason I have returned is to bring bad news!
MASKED: Tell me, what has happened?
JOHN: My lord, it seems... It seems... It seems they have found it!
MASKED: IMPOSSIBLE! It has been locked up for over 1000 years, hibernating in a cave that no one, not even us, knows the location!
JOHN: Let me explain: During my journey to the KANTO Region, I secretly followed the activities of a deranged cult who call themselves TEAM ROCKET! Secretly, I was able to read some documents on radar surveys they had done in a mysterious cave in CANYON SEPTION! What I read stated: "The N3 probe, just before short circuiting, sent a photo of a strange blue colored stone that gave off a strange energy, this was all we recovered due to the short circuit of the probe!" And so they organized an expedition to extract this "stone"!
MASKED: FOOL! Were you aware of their plans and yet did not try to warn or stop them? It is our task to preserve peace and you've allowed this? I am shocked...
JOHN: My lord, I understand my mistake, but because of the long distance between here and KANTO I did not have sufficient time to act as I only received the information a few hours prior to my journey home.
MASKED: The problem is now much more dire! We are no longer as powerful as we were 50 years ago, and even then we would have had no hope against him! JOHN, I entrust to you this mission: to gather the others and return here as soon as possible.
JOHN: I'm leaving immediately my lord...
MASKED: It seems that my time is coming to an end… I just hope those guys are ready to stop this threat facing the entire region...

Many people... Many ideals... A lot of truth... So many lies... Many stories to tell... Many different stories are about to come together in one great adventure to decide the fate of an entire world...
All these stories shall be collected in SILVER LEGEND...
And some playthrough translation, just the scripted stuff, none of the random citizens.

MOTHER: Oh [Name] ... Come, sit down a minute!
MOTHER: I'm sorry I acted like that! I have been selfish in not wanting you to leave ... Since your father left us I didn't want to lose you too, so I just thought of myself and not of your dreams!
MOTHER: Now go, your journey awaits you ... I will not hold you back anymore!

Exit your house and head east.

RECRUIT: Finally, now you'll pay little PICHU! Come out Poochyena!
{Name]: Stop! I won't let you hurt that poor pokemon!
RECRUIT: Move you stupid brat! This has nothing to do with you...
[Name]: What's that PICHU? Do you want to fight with me?
[Name]: Okay, Let's go!
RECRUIT: A pokemon battle against the two of you? You don't stand a chance!

Team Rocket Recruit
Poochyena (Level 5)

RECRUIT: Beaten by a petulant boy... You won't be so lucky next time!
???: Thank you very much...
[NAME]: That's weird, It sounded like that PICHU thanked me! Well, I must be dreaming... Now I'd better hurry to RICCARDO's, I'm already quite late!

Follow the ROUTE up to the northern part of the village and approach the building with the PIDGEY outside.

RICCARDO: Hey, [NAME]! Look, I know that today is your birthday and I'm supposed to give you your first pokemon... The problem is that yesterday was my sister's birthday and I gave PEARL the last I pokemon had in the lab, so I don't have one for you... But I know how to fix it, follow me!
RICCARDO: So you already there are many pokemon hiding in the tall grass! If you see one you want, I'll personally catch it for you!
RICCARDO: It seems that this pokemon already know you! I think this PICHU will be a great companion for your adventures, don't you think so?
RICCARDO: You want me to catch him?

RICCARDO: That was easy and it seemed like it wanted you to catch it! Come out PICHU!
RICCARDO: So little PICHU, [NAME] needs a partner to leave for his adventure, would you go with him?
RICCARDO: All right, I'll take that as a yes!
RICCARDO: So [NAME], here's PICHU's pokeball, take care!
[NAME] receives a PICHU from RICCARDO!
RICCARDO: Now before you leave for your trip I have a small favor to ask. Can you go to look for my sister PEARL? She left early this morning to go training, but I'm not sure where ... Ask around to find out if anyone saw her and when you find her I need both of you to come to my lab, okay?
???: It's a pleasure to meet you ...
[NAME]: It's that voice!? It can't be... No, it can't be, it's impossible!
[NAME]: PICHU, return! We need to find PEARL!

Head to the southeastern house of GREENVILLE

GRACE: Thank God you came!
[NAME]: GRACE what happened?
GRACE: I'm very worried! PEARL went out early this morning train and said she would be back half an hour ago, but as you can see she hasn't come back!
[NAME]: Don't worry, PEARL has a pokemon, but I need you to calm down and help me out. Can you tell me where I might find her?
GRACE: Thank you! SHe told me that she was leaving GREENVILLE, so I think she might be on ROUTE 1!

Head north to get to ROUTE 1


Go around the tree and grab the pokeball for a POTION.

At the split take the right ROUTE.

??: Ghiaaaa!
[NAME]: That sounded like a cry from an injured pokemon... It came from further ahead!

[NAME]: Hey, what are you doing to that poor pokemon?
Squirtle: Squedooo!
[NAME]: Well, since you put it like that? PICHU, I need you!
PICHU: Pichuuu!
???: I think there are too many for us to fight!
PEARL: I'd say that you guys definitely need a hand!
[NAME]: PEARL! Where did you pop out from?
PEARL: It doesn't matter right now, we have other things to deal with!
PEARL: Bulbasaur, MEOWTH its up to you!
PEARL: Now Bulbasaur use TACKLE and you MEOWTH use SCRATCH!
PEARL: You know its not nice to pick on those smaller than you? Now get out of here!
Bulbasaur: Bulbaaa!
MEOWTH: Meowww!
PICHU: Pichuuu!
PEARL: Bulbasaur, MEOWTH return!
[NAME]: You too PICHU, return!

PEARL: I'm glad you're okay little one! Those three shoudln't be bothering you again for a long time!
PEARL: But what were you doing here?
[NAME]: Your brother and your mother asked me to come and find you, but then I came across that Torchic!
PEARL: Those two worry too much!
[NAME]: Or maybe you should worry them less ...
PEARL: Don't start talking like my mother! Let's go to the lab before they think we're both missing...

RICCARDO: Where the hell have you been?
[NAME]: Well, I was looking PEARL when I came across a group of Squirtle, and then she came so ...
RICCARDO: I understand, you got yourselves into some trouble ...
PEARL: We didn't get into trouble! We just saved a poor Torchic! However, you wanted to see us?
RICCARDO: I have to give you something I wish you had before you left!

PEARL: What is this thing?
RICCARDO: This "thing" is a Pokedex. The Pokedex is a mini computer that stores information on all the Pokemon you will encounter on your journey!
PEARL: cute, I will be very helpful! Well, if that's all delivery immediately ... See you!
RICCARDO: And to you [NAME] I give you these!
[NAME] receives Pokeball.
[NAME] puts Pokeball in my bag!
RICCARDO: These are Pokeballs! In a battle with a wild Pokemon, after having weakened it, you can throw to one attempt to catch it and add it to your team!
[NAME]: Thank you I will put them to good use!
RICCARDO: Okay, you are now prepared for your adventure. Hope to see you soon!

Back to ROUTE 1


MOTHER: [NAME], wait a second!
MOTHER: [NAME] when I spoke with you earlier I forgot to give you your birthday present! If you want it its in the chest in your room... I hope you like it... I'm going home, so be very careful and don't talk to strangers...
[NAME]: Mom I know! ou don't have to keep reminding me!
MOTHER: Can't a mother worry about her child who is leaving? At least don't be like your father and comes home every now and then...
[NAME]: I promise!
MOTHER: I'm going home... Goodbye and good luck!

BOY: It's all changed since before! How time flies. However the smells are familiar, still the same as before...
BOY: Oh, sorry I was observing the scenery and I did not notice your arrival!
[NAME]: PICHU is there a problem?
PICHU: Pichu pi!
So This is your POKEMON! A PICHU? Hmm, I've decided!
BOY: I haven't fought a POKEMON battle in centuries! I've decided that you'll be my opponent, you can not escape!

Trainer ???
Charmander (Level 6)

BOY: as I suspected [NAME], everything has already begun! every single mistake is destined to be repeated! [NAME] you which side will you take?
What do you mean?
    BOY: Great events are about to disrupt SILVER and we will be involved!
How do you know my name?
    BOY: It's up to you to find out!
BOY: My work here is done, until next time!
[NAME]: He's gone!
???: What a weird guy ...
[NAME]: That voice again! It's not possible, I'm going crazy!
[NAME]: Nothing PICHU, we'd better go, the next town isn't too far away!
PICHU: Pichu pi!

Bug Catcher James
Caterpie (Level 5)
Weedle (Level 5)
Kakuna (Level 6)

Bully Cody
Paras (Level 5)
Rattata (Level 5)


PEARL: I see you've managed to get through ROUTE 1 ... But surely you're not on my level!
[NAME]: Are you sure?
PEARL: Prove it rookie!

Trainer Pearl
Meowth (Level 5)
Bulbasaur (Level 6)

PEARL: Now don't let beating me go to your head!
PEARL: But in the meantime would you like me to give you a tour of the city? I'll show you all the buildings!
[NAME]: I'd like that!
PEARL: Good but don't get in the way or fall behind like you usually do,,, However, before we begin I welcome you to BLITE TOWN! My beautiful hometown! Anyways, modesty aside, let's go!

PEARL: Well, the one over there is the POKEMON CENTER! Here you can heal your Pokemon, deposit or withdraw them or talk to other trainers!
PEARL: This way, we have the POKEMON MARKET! Here you can buy useful items like POTIONS pokeball or, its always good to have some!
PEARL: Finally here we have the most important building of all! The GYM of BLITE TOWN! The leader is Ernesto, the greatest expert on FOSSIL POKEMON! Since childhood I've dreamt of battling him and soon I'll be able to!
???: I'm sorry to contradict you, but ERNESTO is no longer the Gym Leader!
PEARL: I'm sorry? And who are you?
???: Sorry for butting in like that, let me introduce myself, my name and AMALIA and I am the new Gym Leader!
PEARL: AMALIA you say? Mhh ... Where have I heard that name .........................
PEARL: Of course, AMALIA, you're a student of ERNESTO!
AMALIA: Yes, my teacher, now elderly, has decided to retire and has left me with the task of running the GYM!
PEARL: Too bad, I wanted to fight with Ernesto, but I think that his pupil shall suffice...
AMALIA: I hope to meet your expectations! And who is your little friend? Don't tell me that's your boyfriend?
PEARL: My boyfriend? Not in his lifetime!
AMALIA: Hahaha! Of course I'm joking! Are you also interested in a gym battle?
[NAME]: Of course!
AMALIA: I see you've made your decision! Well, if you want to train a little more I suggest you use ROUTE 2 west of the city or ROUTE 3 immediately behind the POKEMON CENTER!
AMALIA: Excuse me, I have to go back to the GYM! Hope to see you soon. Bye!
PEARL: I'll happily follow her advice, what about you?
[NAME]: I do not know, I have yet to decide.
PEARL: Well, I'm going to return to my training, I'll see you [NAME]!

Old lady to the left of the BLITE TOWN sign:
Hey young man, can you help me?
    Oh, thank you! My son moved to GREEN VILLE a few months ago and its been a while since I've heard from him. Could you take him this letter?
    [NAME] receives the LETTER from LADY!
    I'm trusting you!
    Ok, it will be for another time!

Take the letter to the kid near the entrance of GREEN VILLE:
Hey [NAME]! Need something?
[NAME] delivered the LETTER to the BOY!
A letter from my mother? Let's see... "Dear Luke I hope you are well, I want you to avoid eating junk food, brush your teeth every day, chew food 30 times before swallowing..." It's only a list of what and what not do ... My mother never changes but in the end she's still my mother! Anyways [NAME], thanks for bringing me the letter!

Return to the old lady:
Done already? That was fast! Thank you very much for your help! Here is a small reward.
[NAME] riceve 350P!

Route 3 should be used to train for ROUTE 2


Nidoran (f)
Nidoran (m)



Girl Scout Diana
Hoppip (Level 10)
Magikarp (Level 12)
Swablu (Level 10)


Hiker Trent
Amolith (Level 9)

Farmer Riley
Lileep (Level 6)

AMALIA: I am AMALIA Gym Leader of BLITE TOWN, but we've already met! Let's see what your POKEMON can do!

Gym Leader Amalia
Kabuto (Level 12)
Omanyte (Level 13)

AMALIA: Take this you deserve it!
[NAME] recieves the FOSSIL BADGE!
AMALIA: With this badge, you can control all Pokemon up to level 30 and their power will increase significantly. Also take this ...
[NAME] received TM37
AMALIA: TM37 contains Sandstorm. With this move, you can trap the enemy in a sandstorm and attack by surprise! Use it well! Before you go I want you to do me a favor! I would deliver this package to the man who lives on ROUTE 3, but all my gym leader commitments do not allow me to leave, can you take it to him?
[NAME] receives a PACKAGE from AMALIA!
[NAME]: Sure, no problem!
AMALIA: Thank you very much, I hope to see you soon!

House on ROUTE 3:
The door is locked
Do you want to knock?
    knock, knock
       Better say something ...
        AMALIA sent me!
           Ah okay, sorry!
           The door is open, push it hard, its a bit 'hard!
           Repeatedly press the A and B buttons to push on the door!
        I'll be back another time...

???: Hey boy, What can I do for you?
[NAME]: I'm here for AMALIA against the Gym Leader! She told me to deliver this package, since she is not able to do it in person.
???: AMALIA you say, huh?
???: Put that package down, there's nothing important inside! Damn, sit down next to me, I won't bite !
???: When is that girl going to stop worrying about me and sending people to check in on me with these absurd excuses!?
[NAME]: ........?
???: Sorry I haven't introduced myself, my name is ERNESTO former Gym Leader of BLITE TOWN!
[NAME]: Really? PEARL told me a lot about you!
ERNESTO: Ah, then I guess you come from GREEN VILLE! A beautiful village I hear. So tell me ....

After a few hours of conversation ...
ERNESTO: It's been a long time since I've talked with someone! You should know that I don't like talking to people whose lives are plagued with neverending commitments! But you're like me, free to go wherever you want, no obligations, only goals that you decide how and when to fulfill!
   I think he's right ...
    ERNESTO: Ahahahaha! I'm glad I'm not the only one to think so!
   I don't think that's right ...
    ERNESTO: In the end everyone is free to believe what they want!
ERNESTO: Anyway, thank you for your time. I want to give you this!
[NAME] receives HM01.
ERNESTO: HM01 contains the move CUT. You can use this to teach the move to any Pokemon you choose. The move will be available outside of battle. For example, to cut small branches blocking the path!
[NAME]: Thank you.
ERNESTO: Don't thank me, I think it will serve you better than I! Anyways be well and good luck on your adventure!
AMALIA: Can I come in?
AMALIA: [NAME] Ah, there you are! I'm sorry I had to lie to get you to visit ERNESTO, but I was worried about him! It's been a few weeks since he talked to someone!
[NAME]: Don't worry, it was a pleasure to to chat.
AMALIA: Not to be rude, but I have to speak privately with Ernesto, sorry ...
[NAME]: Don't worry, I was just going!
AMALIA: Ok, hope to see you again!
AMALIA: What do you think of the boy?
ERNESTO: I'd say more than ready!

Back to ROUTE 2

Bully Kevin
Butterfree (Level 13)

Pokemon Ranger Jackson
Growlithe (Level 10)


[NAME]: What a headache! Ow, what hit me?
PEARL: Hey, look ahead where you're going!
PEARL: How is it that you are always in my way?!
[NAME]: Don't blame me, you're the one running around like lightning!
PEARL: I'm sorry, you're right, but I'm worried about AMALIA!
[NAME]: What happened?
PEARL: Haven't you heard the news? It seems that TEAM ROCKET has taken over BLITE TOWN and the police are trying to stop them!
[NAME]: TEAM ROCKET? What's that?
PEARL: How can you not know? TEAM ROCKET is a large organization trying to exploit Pokemon for world domination , and the fact that they're in the region is not a good thing!
[NAME]: Let's hurry, I hope I can help!
PEARL: Hurry up then!


[NAME]: They have the same uniform as the guy that attacked PICHU when I first met him!
PEARL: We need to stay out of sight and avoid unneccesary battles!
RECRUIT: Hey you two shouldn't be here! Get out before someone sees you ...
PEARL: [NAME], doesn't that recruit look familiar?
RECRUIT: It's Amalia, I knocked out a RECRUIT and took his uniform! I wanted to find out why they're here, but I didn't find anything!
PEARL: Don't worry, we're here now, and we'll help you drive them out of town!
AMALIA: TEAM ROCKET has trapped everyone in the GYM. PEARL you come with me and help me defeat the guards, [NAME] I want you to do me a favor! A group of RECRUITS are headed for ROUTE 3, I need you to go and check out what's going on over there!
[NAME]: Okay!
AMALIA: PEARL come on We need to teach TEAM ROCKET some manners !

Team Rocket Recruit
Golbat (Level 15)

Team Rocket Recruit
Poochyena (Level 12)
Poochyena (Level 12)

Team Rocket Recruit
Magby (Level 12)
Zubat (Level 12)

Team Rocket Recruit
Zubat (Level 10)
Koffing (Level 12)
Poochyena (Level 12)


Team Rocket Recruit
Zubat (Level 13)
Lickitung (Level 11)

Team Rocket Recruit
Poochyena (Level 12)
Poochyena (Level 14)

Team Rocket Recruit
Ekans (Level 14)
Poochyena (Level 14)

Team Rocket Recruit
Gligar (Level 11)

Team Rocket Recruit
Zubat (Level 13)
Taillow (Level 14)

Team Rocket Recruit
Hoothoot (Level 12)
Gastly (Level 12)

Team Rocket Recruit
Houndoor (Level 12)
Magikarp (Level 12)

Team Rocket Recruit
Meditite (Level 14)
Natu (Level 13)

RECRUIT: Hey brat what are you doing here!
[NAME]: I'm here to beat you!
RECRUIT: You? Don't make me laugh!

Team Rocket Recruit
Poochyena (Level 10)
Zubat (Level 12)

RECRUIT: Beaten by the first kid that comes along?! Better for me to sneak away before the boss notices!
[NAME]: ERNESTO, are you okay?
ERNESTO: Now that you're here I am!
[NAME]: What happened?
ERNESTO: I was leaving the house to go for a walk, when I saw some people heading towards end of the path! There were three: two had the same uniform as that guy that you beat and the other was a blond boy, I think he was 1-2 years older than you!
ERNESTO: They looked like people with bad intentions, so I decided to follow!
ERNESTO: Then I don't know what happened! The earth began to shake and a light hit me in the face!
ERNESTO: After the earthquake, the mountain had created an entrance! As they were entering they realized that I had seen it all and I was chased all the way home!
[NAME]: I see, maybe now you'd better go inside and rest!
ERNESTO: You're right, my heart is no longer accustomed to such things!


AMALIA: [NAME] wait!
AMALIA: Finally we caught up to you! ERNESTO told us that he saw go into to the entrance of this cave and ...
PEARL: What are you doing? Well, explain yourself?! Are you trying to face TEAM ROCKET alone?
    PEARL: Don't make me laugh! Fearful as you are you thought you could do it alone?
    PEARL: The usual coward!
AMALIA: PEARL I don't think this is the best time to scold him!
PEARL: Yeah you're right, sorry!
PEARL: The most important thing to do right now is to find out what the hell TEAM ROCKET is doing here!
AMALIA: Exactly! PEARL, you and [NAME] go on, most of my Pokemon are exhausted, I would only get in your way ! I'd rather stay here and watch for enemy reinforcements !
PEARL: It's too dangerous! We shouldn't separate!
AMALIA: Don't worry, I can handle myself!
PEARL: I trust you...
PEARL: Well then [NAME], prepare your POKEMON. Many battles await us and we can't lose!

Team Rocket Recruit
Rattata (Level 12)
Gulpin (Level 12)

Team Rocket Recruit
Slowpoke (Level 13)

Team Rocket Recruit
Seviper (Level 13)

Team Rocket Recruit
Ralts (Level 10)
Mankey (Level 13)
Pidgey (Level 12)

Team Rocket Recruit
Heracross (Level 11)

Team Rocket Recruit
Poochyena (Level 15)
Carvanha (Level 17)

RECRUIT: Better sneak away the boss before the boss arrives!
???: I come to see how the mission is going and what do I find??? All my RECRUITS defeated by some snot-nosed brat! But maybe not ... I may have found someone who can keep me on top?! Let's see how you do rookie! I AM STEVEN, CAPTAIN OF TEAM ROCKET, the man who will defeat you!

Rocket Admin Steven
Lairon (Level 13)
Golbat (Level 16)
Lapras (Level 17)

STEVEN: I see that my assumptions were justified ...
AMALIA: [NAME], there you are !
[NAME],: AMALIA what are you doing here?
AMALIA: I came to find you, The Police have arrived and are arresting all members of TEAM ROCKET!
STEVEN: Damn, we forgot about the POLICE! Attention all RECRUITS, mission failed, withdraw immediately! I have to go now [NAME], but do not worry we will meet again, sooner than you think!
AMALIA: He's gone!
PEARL: It looks like all the RECRUITS are gone!
AMALIA: That's right! I say we return to the city, there's nothing more to do here!

AMALIA: It seems that everything is back to normal and it's all thanks to you two!
PEARL: Anything for a friend!
AMALIA: So this is goodbye! Time to head to the next city, right?
PEARL: Exactly!
AMALIA: Take care and be careful: I think this is just the start of something bigger ...
AMALIA: Forget what I said, I was just thinking out loud! Now heading back, see you.
PEARL: Well I'm off. See you [NAME]!

PEARL: It seems these police officers have no intention of letting us pass! We need to find a way to get to the next city ...
PEARL: Hmm ...
PEARL: I have an idea!! [NAME] meet me at ERNESTO's as soon as possible, okay?
POLICEMAN: I'm sorry young man, but no one can leave the city until the police have finished its investigation!

PEARL: Take us ERNESTO please!
ERNESTO: No, no and again no! Don't talk to me about breaking the law!
PEARL: Come on, no one will notice!
PEARL: [NAME] there you are ! Please help me convince ERNESTO! His AERODACTYL could easily fly over the mountains behind BLITE TOWN and get us to the next town without being seen, but he doesn't want to!
ERNESTO: I just want to avoid any trouble with police, that's all! If they saw you fly out of town they'll that you're accomplices of TEAM ROCKET!
[NAME]: Are you sure there isn't we can do to convince you?
ERNESTO: Well there is one thing ...
PEARL: What is it?!
ERNESTO: A Challenge!
PEARL: A challenge?
ERNESTO: Yes! If at least one of you can beat me I'll let you go on my AERODACTYL otherwise you'll have to wait until the end of the investigation!
PEARL: [NAME] this is the only chance we have! We can't pass on this opportunity!
PEARL: I'm ready! Let's see if you're as strong as they say!

After the battle ...
PEARL: I've lost, I couldn't beat him! [NAME] you absolutely must win!
ERNESTO: Let 's see what you're made of!

Kabutops (Level 56)

PEARL: You've finally awake! ERNESTO is too strong for us, we will just wait for the police to finish their work ...
ERNESTO: Well, I don't think so!
PEARL: Excuse me?
ERNESTO: Battling against the two of you, reminded me of my youth and it has made ​​me feel better than ever! So I want to help you!
ERNESTO: I entrust it to you! Take care of it.
PEARL: Thank you very much!
PEARL: [NAME] Come, let's go!
ERNESTO: Two down, three to go! Let's do it ...

After the storm

[NAME]: Where the hell are we?
PEARL: Ben morning sleepy head!
[NAME]: Where are we?
PEARL: How can you not recognize this place? We're at PIESANG ISLAND, the tropical paradise of the region! AERODACTYL must have been frightened by storm last night and brought us here!
[NAME]: What do we do now?
   We leave for the next city!
    PEARL: You can leave then! Ever since I was little I dreamed coming here and now I'm not leaving until I 've done everything I dreamed of! And there is also a GYM here, we can get our second badge ...
   Let us have a look!
    PEARL: Okay! If I'm right there is also a GYM in the city, we could try to get our second badge!
PEARL: Coming?



Hyper Potion


PEARL: E' proprio come la descrivono: MERAVIGLIOSA!
PEARL: Dai lumacone, muoviti!

You can headbut the trees to fight the AIPOM

The House Beside The Pokemart:
Fishing is my life, and I wish it was yours too! Take this you'll need it.
[NAME] receives GOOD ROD.

Hey you, I bet you're not from around here! But I bet you've noticed those POKEMON on trees, right?
    Then you must be really blind! They are everywhere on the island. Anyways, listen to me ...
They are a very rare species in the region and also very difficult to capture, in fact they never come down from the trees! But I know a way get them down! Interested?
    I knew you would be interested but I'm not giving you anything for free, if you know what I mean ... The shells on the beach are hiding some POKEMON called SHELLDER! If you can bring me at least one I'll tell you how!
    Then come back to me when you're interested!
Have you found a SHELLDER?
    Come back when you have a SHELLDER!

PEARL: Oh, ok got it!
PEARL: It seems that the Gym Leader isn't here right now! They're saying yesterday the Gym Leader had gone to ROUTE 4 and since then. hasn't been seen Do you want to go and have a look?
    PEARL: All right, let's go right now!
    PEARL: Whatever, I'm going! See you when I get back.




Sailor Phillip
Tentacruel (Level 22)
Machoke (Level 18)

Girl Scout Irene
Shroomish (Level 18)
Marill (Level 18)

Athlete Dylan
Doduo (Level 18)

Bully Dillon
Aron (Level 20)

Medium Virgil
Ralts (Level 16)
Kadabra (Level 20)

Farmer Lydia
Pelipper (Level 18)