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    Boston Jargis
    Part 1-A New Arrival

    Boston stumbled out of the forest, and gaped at the mess that once was Hearthome City. It's not what I thought it would be, but it's free of adults, and that's good enough for me. He started to walk towards it. It had been mere days since they had killed Mike, and his heart was pumping with hatred. I know that fellow wielders would help me get revenge. They have too! Mike, I won't let you down buddy. I WILL avenge you! Believe it! He clenched his fist with determination and continued walking. These guys hate adults just as much as me, I'm sure of it! He dug around in his pack for one of the many interesting things he found during his journeys: a piece of wood that mysteriously like a wave. It always calms him to look at it. I'm sorry Mike...I couldn't get there in time. It's all my fault...

    He ate the last of the Oran Berries he had gathered hours ago as he entered the city gate. He had been living off of whatever berries and edible bark he could find, which in all honesty wasn't that much. He had managed to put off weight, which was bad at the current times. He couldn't fuse due to the fact that he would merely rage and destroy anything. Where could I find the leader here? He wondered around spotting handfuls of kids here or there, but no one seemed to notice the lost, hungry kid with a scar. "Hello? Where is the leader?" he called out hoping for a response.
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