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    "Weird, looks like that girl just accepted that newcomer without any hesitation. She is practically asking to be stabbed in the back, you cant just trust someone like that if you know nothing about them" Ryan muttered Casper asked.

    "no, but i can check my map" Ryan sat and thought for a few moments. "Casper can you change into your shadow form and tail this group?" Ryan asked as the small group of Spirit Wielders headed out. " I have some things i want to do."

    Casper complained, but headed after the group anyway.Ryan hopped out of the tree and headed a little ways into the forest. Where is it, i saw it on the way here...Ah! over here!

    Ryan came upon an apricorn tree full of Black Apricorns, and picked two of them. Good thing most people just pass over these, they can be useful. Ryan morphed his right hand and used his claws to hollow out the two apricorns.

    "lets see, This will do" Ryan said to himself under his breath after finding some tall crabgrass. He knotted it into a string shape, and pulled out the black powder he had in his berry pouchand stuffed both Apricorns with it, then made a hole and inserted the makeshift fuses.

    These wont do much to a spirit wielder, but they are useful for distractions and such.
    "time to see what this Mt.Coronet is" He pulled out his map of Sinnoh and studied it carefully.

    "Ah, its here, huh, it isnt that far from here. i could fly there in a few minutes." he turned and headed out of Eterna forest, morphed, and took to the air. Well, lets head towards where Casper is and do some aerial surveillance of this group.

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