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    Hello Khawill, I'm going to answer your questions, but if you disagree with me or need more info go ahead and ask.

    1. With what frequency would you suggest submitting chapters?
    As long as you're updating frequently it's fine. Since I'm weird I like to have one or two extra chapters before I publish anything and try to update once a week, so even in the case where I'm going to be busy for a while I can still satisfy the reader. (Although those chapters are wasted quickly on unnecessary bumps.

    2. What is a chapter? Like what would be considered a "submittable" chapter
    Well, your chapter should be following the PC rules to be submitted (not posting something unreadable). As for content, you want to try to have enough so that it doesn't seem like a filler nor so much that it goes on forever.

    3. Should a Pokemon fanfic be happy, or adventurous?
    I don't get what your trying to say. Since your writing a dark fic, it really won't. Be that happy. By adventurous do you mean try new things? Or an adventure focused story?

    4. My current FanFic is a darker story of the main character's life.
    That's not really a question but, may I inquire what character you speak of?

    5. Would I have to completely follow pokemon cannon?
    Well, yeah you have to follow canon heavily. You can't ignore basic stuff like the type chart and say, bugs don't damage ghosts because their more material than elemental. Although, if you write a fic based on a character surviving an incident or something, in that case you are allowed to change the events that occur, mostly due the butterfly effect.

    5b. If so which cannon is considered cannon, the manga(havent read), games, or anime?
    All three of them have their own universe. The manga has nothing to do with the anime or the games. The games have nothing to do with the anime and manga. Finally the anime has nothing to do with the games or manga.

    The way I have my story planned, I follow game canon. I am going to try to incorporate Ash, just that his journey will be much less significant to the plot, he'll just be a kid going on an adventure solving everything that happens in the movies, as they are not related to the game plot. You could do something similar with the incorporations.

    As I said if you need something clarified or have more questions, feel free to ask me.
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