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    Andrew Thomas

    Andrew sighed as Isaac finished speaking. He had known someone would say such things and had knew just the answer to provide. Placing both hands upon his desk he looked out at his class and answered, “Well you are partly right Mr Deladius but I fear you have missed the point somewhat,” Taking a breath Andrew continued, “The pokedex is a marvellous machine and its knowledge seems never ending BUT it’s still no match for your mind. It knows what it has been shown or programmed and nothing more. If you find yourself without it or in a new place the pokedex has no data on, then you NEED to be able to function without it! You need to know what pokemon are native depending on the climate and environment. Salinity of the water for example! You can tell that a goldeen lives in water just by looking at it, yes, but is that water fresh, brackish or salt? This you cannot tell and the pokedex possibly does not say. You can then take this further and ask well why can it only live in those kinds of water and compare it to a magikarp, for example, which can live in all salinity levels.” Andrew smiled and continued, “And I know your Scyther has obvious blades but, unlike architecture, form does not always follow function within pokemon and as biologists we would look at the blades and ask ourselves why scyther have developed them? Have they developed purely for battling? Are there other uses?” Andrew stopped leaning on his desk and finished, “Does that answer just why these things are important? Even with pokedexes and the like?”
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