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@Zayphora: I'm into canon creepypasta in general really. The notion that it's completely possible in the series thrills me.

Banette's a good one!~ The creepiest part of it is that it is apparently hunting down those who abandoned it. Little girls that toss your dolls away beware.

I like the ghastly line better though. Apparently, there's a hidden effect to the attack 'lick' that isn't necessarily expressed in battle. You see, ghastly and it's evolutions eat souls, but they don't drain them. When they use lick on people, or Pokemon for that matter? They're actually licking that person's /soul/ like it's a freaking ice cream cone.

...What a way to go, eh?

While I'm at it, did you know that Pokemon have immortal souls? They reincarnate upon death... except for when a ghost pokemon gets ahold of them. If a soul is eaten/destroyed/whatever, they are truly gone. That makes ghost pokemon the masters of death of the pokemon world. The grim reapers, if you will.

Speaking of awful things regarding non ghost pokemon. /Apparently/ Jigglypuff have the brain of a brick. It's apparently not all that rare for the jigglypuff species to forget to breath whilst singing and accidentally their life.


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