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    So I had the thread unlocked for now. I have found a ton of unused Fakemon (Fake pokemon) That I have decided to put in the game. Thanks to Neoriceisgood I have some more to add in. Sadly I don't have a cry maker. :/ I am working on finding on though. Ton's of stuff has been done (Not in game) but mostly sprite work and Fakemon gathering. I have found over 20 fakemon to work on for now. And with neoriceisgood's Pokedex I have some more that I can add in. With the accept ion of making the sprites more modern.

    This pokemon is what I call Steling. A steel and Normal type pokemon.


    This sprite is still in work but it is one fakemon that will be in game. I had a name for it but I am going to change it soon enough. It's name for now is Psybuck.

    There is one more Evolution after those two but it is not yet complete. The final is the most difficult part out of the three.

    These are the three together. I can't translate Japanese. So I have no clue what the text here say's.
    I forgot to add in the 2 set's of Starters I have. The water type and the Fire Type
    I hate the top set So I am using the bottom 2 instead. I am going to look for a replacement for the Grass type.

    The new main legendary has yet to be thought of. I am going to make a post when I find one suitable for the name.

    Edit: Once the poll ends depending on the name of the game the legendary will be chosen. I have 2 in mind and both at which fit the game name well. Hopefully I get some votes.