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This was my first rp that I made and I enjoyed it so I was hoping to revive it and hopefully get people to join it.

The Unova region has been a peaceful and serene place due to the defeat of N and the separation of Team Plasma 14 years ago. Now they have come back and are after the Legendary Dragons, Victini and the Kami Trio. If they capture all of them it could cause the world destruction. Team Plasma had been seen everywhere in Unova following behind a man in a mask. The masked man is rumored to have extremely strong Pokemon.

Where do you come in?

You are a new trainer going to get your very first Pokemon from professor Juniper when suddenly the lab is attacked by Team Plasma grunts. You take a pokeball and battle the grunts and then you decide to go on your journey alone our with another trainer. Little did you know that the grunts attacking the lab was just the beginning of something much bigger.


Tepig: Gender: Female Moveset: Tackle, Tail whip . +1 egg move

Snivy Gender: Female Moveset: Tackle, Leer . +1 egg move

Oshawott Gender: Male Moveset: Tackle, Tail whip. +1 egg move

Female Zorua: Taken by me
Moveset: Scratch, Leer, Pursuit

All PC rules apply here.
This is a Pg-13 Rp so that means nothing above a kiss anything more and you will be kicked out of the Rp. I don't care if you have a relationship.

Team Plasma starters:
Eevee Tackle, Tail Whip

Riolu: Quick Attack, Endure

Ralts: Growl, Confusion


History ( 1-2 paragraphs )
Appearance ( 1-2 paragraphs )
Starter Pokemon.
Legendary Pokemon: Only one except for Victini
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