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    I know both of you are working on your SU so I feel bad about doing this, but I just finished mine last night... Let's just see if it's up to par.

    Name: Angie Baines
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Pokedex Color: Red

    Description: The first thing you notice about Angie is her height. She towers above many people at six foot exactly, which she fully takes advantage of to intimidate them. The second noticeable factor is her hair. She is a full on ginger, so her hair is naturally a bright red. It’s cut short in the back, but longer in the front. Her eyes are emerald green, and she typically has a smug grin on her face. Her whole body is plastered with freckles. She doesn’t have a lot of meat to her, lacking both fat and muscle tone. She’s just sensitive skin and big bones.

    Angie is anything but a fashionista, so her wardrobe is pretty simple. Her typical attire is a T-Shirt, usually of a rock band, blue jeans and sneakers. It rarely strays far from this, only on occasions where she needs to be formal. Even then, she never gets fancy with it. She couldn’t care less about her looks, and putting so much effort into looking “pretty” was just a waste of time. Her only accessories are a green headband that pulls her bangs out of her face, a silver stud in each ear, and black wristwatch.

    Personality: Angie is, quite frankly, a brat. She never ceases to insult and make fun of others. She hates teamwork, and is purposefully uncooperative when she is in a group. Because of this, people don’t like her, and she doesn’t mind at all. As long as she’s having a good time, who cares what other people think of her? She doesn’t make friends often. In fact, she hasn’t made a single friend for quite a long time. There are few who can stand her, and even they get annoyed by her antics.

    She does have some positive qualities to her. She has a strong will power, and though she is stubborn, she channels that into accomplishing her goals. If she’s forced to do something, she wouldn’t even think of doing it. However, if she’s doing something because she wants to, there is not stopping her from doing it. Also, her constant sass keeps her happy. She is rarely upset. The worst she gets is annoyed, which happens when she’s bored. As long as boredom doesn’t roll around, she’s a pretty happy camper.

    Contrasting from her poor relations with humans, she gets along surprisingly well with Pokemon. She thinks of them more as equals than she does her peers. Whenever she’s alone with Pokemon, she feels calmer and kinder. If one saw her, they would believe she was a different person. She is especially fond of Dark-type Pokemon, and her goal for the future is to specialize in them.

    History: Angie grew up in Pyrite Town, a tough place to be for a young kid. As a child, she was very different than she is currently. Instead of being loud and snarky, she was a quiet and reserved girl. She was perfectly nice, but her timid nature kept her from making friends. In fact, she was often teased for various reasons. Sometimes it was her appearance, sometimes it was her attitude. It was all in good fun, but then everyone started to join in. Eventually, it escalated, and she became the bullied kid.

    It was a difficult time for her. Her parents tried to comfort her, saying it was going to be alright. It didn’t matter what those kids said about her. She just had to ignore it, and eventually they would get bored and move on. So, she tried to follow their advice. She distanced herself even more from the other kids, in hopes that they would leave her alone. Of course, that didn’t help at all. The bullying still continued. She began to resent her parents, because even though they tried, they didn’t help her at all. Her only comfort was her pet Poochyena. He was the only one she could connect with.

    One day, she snapped. She flew at the main bully with a wild rage and began beating him up. He was taken completely by surprise. Who knew the quiet, skinny girl would be so vicious? When he was down, she began verbally abusing him as well. It was payback for all she had suffered before. Eventually, the other kids started to join in as well. For the first time, Angie felt empowered. She wasn’t just a punching bag; she could cause the same pain. People started to treat her better, too. She was tough, and they respected her. Soon, the victim became the bully.

    Her parents were very concerned. They were shocked at what their innocent daughter had become. Deciding that a change of scenery should fix her up, they moved all the way to Kanto to stay with relatives. Surely in a quiet and peaceful place like Viridian City, she would return to normal. However, she didn’t change back. She stayed the same as she did in Pyrite, but unlike with the thugs and rouges of Pyrite Town, she didn’t fit in with the folk here. Even with her newly found confidence, people still wouldn’t befriend her. She was a delinquent.

    Angie hated the local school, where people would give her dirty looks, and the classes were utterly dull. She would much rather learn about Pokemon, and become a great trainer whom everyone would respect. In fact, the prestigious Pallet Academy was nearby. A spot at that school would take her places. She would be worth something. Of course, a school like that wouldn’t just accept a delinquent like her. She had to prove herself worthy.

    It was a long and arduous process. She forced herself to do the dull class work. She tried her hardest not to cause trouble. She was still plenty unsociable, but she didn’t do anything that would get on her permanent record. Anything it took to make a good impression on herself on the school. There were always temptations to skip all of the dumb homework or to start something really nasty, but she just grit her teeth and bore if for as long as she could.

    By some miracle, the school accepted her. She passed the entrance exam, and there was nothing major on her record that could keep her from entering. Her parents were proud of her, and they gladly saw her off, believing she had changed for the better. She still behaved like a ruffian, even at the school, but she was contained enough to keep her from getting suspended. She still lacked friends, but she was way more concerned with climbing up to the top of the ranks. Because of her hard work, she managed to barely make the cut.

    Theme: I Don’t Have To Try – Avril Lavigne (I don’t have access to Youtube right now...)

    Example Role-Play:

    “Angie! Come quick!”

    Angie was lying on her bed, headphones in her ears, listening to a new band from Unova. What were they called again? Ah yes, ‘Roxie and the Dogars,’ or something like that. They were pretty cool. She couldn’t hear her mother’s calls over the killer guitar riffs.

    Her mother opened the door to her room, which was a complete and utter mess. She sighed. “Could you get those things out of your ears for five seconds? We just got some important news!” She waved around a letter. The envelope had the crest of Pallet Academy on it, which made Angie sit up straight.

    “What are you waiting for, Mom? Give it here!” She reached for the envelope and practically tore it out of her hands. She ripped it open and began reading. After a short pause, a grin spread over her face. “Yes! I did it, Mom! I made the cut!” She pumped her fist in the air excitedly. “Now I can finally get out of this stinking place.”

    “Oh, that’s wonderful news! I’ll go tell your father.” Her mother beamed and left the room, closing the door behind her.

    Angie popped her headphones back in her ears, and grabbed her laptop from the desk. It didn’t take long before she found all of the names of the chosen students. She was likely going to be facing these fellows in the future, so she decided to check out the competition early. She couldn’t find out very much info about them, but what she did see was boring and uninteresting. Battling them should be no problem.

    She did see something else, however, that did peak her interest. Apparently, there was a new criminal gang going around and trashing the place. They were labeled as very dangerous, and civilians should not try to confront them. Angie felt a bit nostalgic. “Just like home,” she thought.

    Besides the good news, the day was rather uneventful. It was mostly just wasting time on the internet, playing with Poochyena, and eating with the family. Eventually, she decided to go to bed. She had a big future ahead of her, so she might as well get a good night’s sleep. However, even though she was tired, she felt restless. She kept tossing and turning, thinking about what she was going to do in the future.

    Eventually, she starts seeing images in her head. They weren’t very clear, but they seemed to be odd looking symbols. Perhaps it was a message of some sort? As she was trying to figure it all out, she felt a sharp burning pain in her right arm. She cringed and clutched her arm, but she felt nothing there. It was as if she just imagined it. Concerned, but exhausted, she eventually drifted off into sleep.


    Pokemon: Eevee
    Nickname: Dante
    Gender: Male

    Personality: Dante is very affectionate and loving. It doesn’t matter who you are, Dante probably thinks you’re swell. He loves hugs and belly rubs, and will gladly accept them from anyone. He has a happy-go-lucky attitude, but is rather naïve. He’s pretty bad at sensing a person’s character, as well the atmosphere of the situation. Angie is very fond of him, and will gladly smother him with affection, but only when no one else is around.

    Unique Traits: He has a darker patch of fur around his left eye.

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