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    Hey Everyone,

    Today I opened my first pack in over ten years, I haven't gotten a pack of Pokemon cards since around the Team Rocket set. I decided to go with a Dragons Exalted pack. PrimeTimePokemon and SuperDuperTutorials have played a big part in me getting back into collecting cards, They both make very good videos.

    You can watch my pack opening on YouTube, my Username is FearFluttershy.

    Sorry about the quality and the shaky hands, I was excited to open my first pack and also I had a box in my lap that I used to hold up my phone, so my arms were at an awkward angle. I would really appreciate if you guys could comment, like, and if you'd like, subscribe. Also, leave me some feedback on what I can do to make future videos better.

    I'll be starting to get more packs once I have the extra money.

    For those of you who don't want to watch the video, here are the cards I got in my first pack of Dragons Exalted.(Sorted by Rarity)




    Tool Scrapper(Trainer)


    Ho-Oh EX

    Being new to Pokemon again, I think that this pack couldn't have gotten much better. I was really hoping for a Mew EX or a Hydregion, but a Ho-Oh EX is an amazing pull.

    Thanks for reading this. Please comment and let me know what you guys think of my pack opening.