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    pocket||M O N S T E R S
    D E S T I N Y ∙ R I S E S

    "the world pushes us without mercy
    and when some push back
    the world points and cries . . .


    Area: Pallet Town, South-West Kanto
    >>..The Few, the Proud..<<

    Story| You open your eyes to the world before you, actually its just your room. September 2nd, a summer's morning just like any other. No wait, this was different. There was something about the world around you that felt happier, yup that's right, today your League Challenge begins. You look out the window at your town, your humble beginnings. You know the next time you come back here, you'll be something big, you'll have a name for yourself. Well, everything comes with a downside. You have to part from your loved ones, family and friends before you do set off.

    Inside Prof. Oak's Lab.....

    A rather elderly man was examining something under a telescope as he sat in his wheelchair, obviously lost in thought, not minding a few of the Pokémon that were running around his lab. One was a small lizard like Pokémon, another a small blue turtle, the third a green-blue plant Pokémon, a yellow mouse Pokémon ran around playing with a brown and tan furred Pokémon. On a nearby table, a large bird Pokémon was keeping an eye on two, as the owner clearly had no time to watch them himself. The large bird had a long mane of red and gold feathers that spanned the entire length of its back. Its feathers were a nice brown, while its belly, under its wings and lower face where a lighter tan. A Pidgeot. The professor picked up the tiny Pokémon, while the ones that didn't fit in his arms followed after their play mates. This man, Doctor Oak, did not seem to mind the small creatures. Beneath his brown blazer was a light goldenrod buttoned shirt tucked into his black slacks, giving off the appearance that he is very orderly. The professor rolled back to the table with five Pokéballs, "Back in there you go, it's time for a rest." The Pokémon knew what to do, so Oak didn't have to, they touched the grey button on their subsequent Pokéballs. Oak then placed the Pokéballs into a machine with five indents lined next to each other, pressing a button to shut the case afterwards.

    Right outside Prof. Oak's window were a group of individuals. They wore grey clothing, with heavy looking black boots and gloves. Even more strange were their black vests, pockets full of strange pellets and mechanic tools. Their faces covered by black masks of some sort, only leaving their eyes exposed. They all shared the same outfit, a uniform it seemed, complete with a black military beret with a strange >>emblem<<. One reached for their hip, retrieving a Pokéball. When they opened it, a short yellow Pokémon appeared. Its eyes seemed to be closed shut. Despite this, it had no trouble seeing. It moved its Tail and looked up at its master, "Abra." It said.

    "It's time." The person's gravely voice spoke out.

    Mission| Get to Doctor Oak's Laboratory and receive your starter Pokémon!

    YOU MUST get to Professor Oak's lab.
    YOU CAN'T receive your starter yet, just wait patiently
    YOU CAN'T ​notice the suspicious group.
    YOU CAN'T interact with other players yet.
    YOU CAN however think any thoughts you want about them. ANY thoughts ;D

    Story| The strange group stared with distain into the lab, all the while making sure they were in a position where no one could spot them. The man clutching a Pokéball nodded his head at his comrades, "Abra, Teleport us into this building, its time." Every member of the group unclipped a Pokéball and prepared themselves, looking one more time to make sure Pidgeot was asleep. That would give them ample time to subdue it. Abra also looked in to see where he was going to teleport. Abra nodded, and the group grabbed on to one another. In a white light, they disappeared, only to arrive in the middle of the lab. Papers scattered everywhere as they appeared out of thin air, for a moment there was complete silence until they released several Flash attacks to blind the scientists, like a flash bang grenade. While Doctor Oak was busy talking with the group of new trainers about their year long journey, he paused when he noticed there was an eerie silence from the laboratory.

    "Pidgeot!" It exclaimed in pain. Doctor Oak immediately rolled out of his office out into the main floor with the starter Pokéballs in his lap, the rookie trainers followed right behind him. Smoke covered the laboratory now, as heavy footsteps could be heard somewhere in this large laboratory. The echo in this place made it almost impossible to pin point where the steps were coming from. Despite being strangers, the rookie trainers stuck close by each other to make sure everyone was safe. Doctor Oak was close to them, but that could not stop the green vines from reaching through the smoke and wrapping around the professor. Despite the efforts of the trainers to hold the Doctor down, he was pulled into the smoky abyss leaving his wheelchair abandoned and the five starter Pokéballs scattered on the floor..

    "Target acquired!" A feminine voice yelled. There were like a synchronized military unit, just then several more vines rocketed through the smog and wrapped around Riku, then Justine and finally Fred. But before they were dragged off into who knows where, the smog was blown away in an instant. The cause was the weakened Pidgeot writhing on the floor with pain from paralysis, managing to cast a Defog. The five soldiers of terror were standing in the center of the facility, every one of the Doctor's aides were tied up and shot with some kind of black gunk in their eyes to prevent them from seeing what was going on. They had Doctor Oak blinded as well and wrapped up in their arms with some kind of web. There was no time for thinking, this situation demanded action. Without making a decision, without thinking about anything, you grab one of the five Pokéballs from the floor. It was time to battle, the vines let go of the three trainers and it seemed like the brawl of a lifetime was about to begin.

    "You kids are lucky, our missions are usually pulled of flawlessly and we're never seen. It's a shame, he wanted you five unharmed. But unfortunately I'm calling the shots here. Fire at will." The gravely voice spoke out, and just like that the soldier group tossed their pokeballs into the air and it semed you had to do the same.

    Blitz Gang Grunt #1 @ Fred Sone

    Gulpin #316
    Level 5

    Ability: Liquid Ooze
    lvl 1: Pound
    lvl 5: Yawn
    lvl5: Poison Gas

    Blitz Gang Grunt #2 @ Justine Granger

    Klink #599
    Level 5

    Ability: Plus
    lvl1: Vice Grip
    lvl5: Charge

    Blitz Gang Grunt #3 @ Cody Willingham

    Houndour #228
    Level 5
    Ability: Flash Fire
    lvl1: Leer
    lvl1: Ember
    lvl4: Howl

    Blitz Gang Grunt #4 @ Angie Baines

    Bellsprout #069
    Level 5
    Ability: Chlorophyll
    lvl1: Vine Whip
    lvl5: Growth

    Blitz Gang Grunt #5 @ Riku Kimura

    Grimer #088
    Level 5

    Ability: Stench
    lvl1: Poison Gas
    lvl1: Pound
    lvl4: Harden

    Mission| Kick their butts with you're new friend!

    YOU MUST defeat one of the Blitz Gang Grunts
    YOU MUST end your post once you defeat the Grunt
    YOU CAN'T rescue the Doctor when your done
    YOU CAN have dialogue with the Grunt


    "They've won.." The doctor said to himself, more out of amazement than anything else. His chest filled with pride, those were his students. But the Blitz Gang was less enthusiastic about this situation as they called back their "useless" Pokémon, according to them. "They've won! Now release me!" Doctor Oak yelled out, the group turned to him with their cold eyes as if telling him to quiet down or die. The doctor avoided eye contact by lowering his head to stare at the marble floor.

    "They've won this battle, yes, but you think we will abandon the mission? Who do you think we are? Team Rocket?" The group laughed at this, obviously a long running joke of some sort among the Gang members. The taller man with the gravely voice that has been speaking for the entire group this whole time unclipped a second Pokéball, with a click of the center button and a flurry of white lights, a large yellow bipedal Pokémon with a white fur collar of some sort and a pendulum swinging from his hand appeared. A Hypno. "Please, if we wanted to. We could kill everyone in this room," As the man's gravely voice echoed through the facility, Hypno's eyes glowed a dark pink as the subdued scientists around them floated into the air. Their muffled screams could faintly be heard as the ropes constricting them grew tighter thanks to Hypno's psychic powers. "But of course, we don't want to make a scene or leave any trace that we were here. So once Hypno here hypnotizes the remaining scientists here, they won't remember a thing."

    "What about the trainers?" Doctor Oak's voice full of concern for his rookie trainers.

    "Oh yes, the trainers from Pallet. We have need of them." The gravely voice sent chills down every one of the new trainers. Hypno immediately sent every scientist aide in the building into a state of temporary sleep, and a now released Abra clung onto the shoulder of the man with the gravely voice. "Come now, we wouldn't want to hurt the precious cargo." The man's eyes narrowed as he clutched a pokeball. The rookie trainers stepped back, they couldn't very well take down all of their pokemon with the five starters they just picked up. Just as it seemed the rookie trainers were going to courageously put up a fight, the glass ceiling shattered and rained down upon the research lab. The trainers took shelter underneath the door way to Oak's office. They peeked out to see a large orange dragon float down on to the floor, as if out of thin air a man walked from behind the dragon into the line of sigh to the rookies. The man had red hair, and a flowing black cape.

    "Please. I do not wish to bring ruin to this historic establishment." The man spoke out in a cold, intimidating voice. The group said nothing, only managing to flare their nostrils and furrow their brows. In an instant, they teleported out of the room and the man turned to look at the trainers with his kind brown eyes. Eyes that they wouldn't expect to come from such an intimidating trainer. He looked around to see the mess they left of the research aides around the lab and sighed as he walked into Dr. Oak's office, passing the speechless trainers.

    "Here, you will need these." He motioned to the desk where he layed out five different devices, all different colors and very familiar. They were Pokedexs, and they were essential for special Pokemon trainers. "I'll take care of the situation here, please go. For your safety, do not speak a word of what happened here today. Not one word."

    So the trainers set off on their journeys after they walked out those sliding glass doors into the world, it all seemed so different now. To the north, Route One, their journeys would begin. The man inside the lab stared out at the trainers, his cape still as the Dragonite behind looked coldly out at them. The man sighed. "Oh how I pray they make it..."

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