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Cody Willingham- Pallet Town


In a unconscious rage, Cody picked up his demonic alarm clock and chucked it at the nearest wall. Having trained his body to work while half awake it wasn't too hard. Cody lived with family friends, but left him alone to do his own thing. The loud crunch of electronics being plastered against a wall did not startle nor stir them. In fact, it was the fourth time he has done that in the past month. They stopped buying him new ones six months ago, forcing Cody to demand money from his father for "unforeseen complications in alarm clock design." Cody crawled out of bed, despite the soft silk covers yearning for him to return to its sweet embrace. He knew he had to wake up. It was "the day" for his journey to begin and to meet his new "friends" as his host family called them. What were their names again?

Fred Scone? Yeah, he seemed like a decent guy. Cody thought the kid looked like a bit of pushover though. Sadly, though, he was probably the only guy worth hanging out with.

There were the two girls though: Angie Baines and Justine Granger. One was a tall, tomboy like figure. So she was probably bad news already. The other one was the typical dress really fancy and prissy type of girl. In other words, unapproachable for Cody's kind. He was already considered a freak by those types. So the girls were definitely out.

Then there was Riku Kimura. The jock of the group. And probably a self important jerk. Those kind of guys were always like that. Cody was probably going to avoid him. It was the only sane thing to do. So once again, Cody was limited to the people he could stand.

So Fred, hope you don't mind Cody being your new best friend, since there was no way he was walking around Kanto alone. That sounded like a drag. As much as Cody avoided people, he always liked having at least one person to talk to. One person to keep him grounded. One person to remind him that sleeping, a fun as it was, wasn't very productive.

Willing himself to the shower was hard work, but he eventually made it. Cody took a power nap as a the shampoo and soap lathered his body and made the past week's dirty drip into the drainage system. It was refreshing and needed. He probably wouldn't shower for weeks now that he had to travel around the country.

Cody rolled out of the shower and into his typical outfit. Stonewashed, faded, gray jeans, black t-shirt, gray zipped hooded sweatshirt and his favorite new pair of black sneakers. It was best to wear something that would give no remarkable first impression. This was to be an in and out operation. Get Pokemon and get out. If anyone bothered to talk to him, it would because they were genuinely interested in learning about Cody. Not because he was attractive or anything. This was to guarantee they were worthwhile. That is how he made friends before and it worked out pretty well so far.

Putting on his accessories was not too hard and it reminded him to make a bag of supplies. Grabbing his backpack, Cody stuffed some clothes, a first aid pack, matches, sleeping bag, survival pack with a multipurpose tool and flashlight. He stuffed some food and water in there too. Cody packed his pockets with his wallet, phone, another multipurpose tool and a lighter. Eventually a fire type Pokemon would remedy the need for fire starting tools.

Cody walked down the stairs at a snail's place with his host family waiting at the bottom.

"All set?" his host father said.

"Got any breakfast?" Cody said with his eyes lacking any spark of interest in answering the question.


Cody dropped his bag with a thud at the door, and followed them to the kitchen. On the table was their typical breakfast buffet filled with every decent breakfast dish you could find. The host mother was churning out eggs for her large family that wasn't quite up yet, so Cody took the opportunity to fill up on eggs, toast, bacon, and some fruit. He ate more than he usually did, mostly because he knew the rest of his meals would be lackluster. Living alone did that kind of thing.

"Thanks for the meal. I'll get out of your hair now," Cody said as he slipped out of his seat.

"Now, now," his host mother said running over to him. "Don't act like you were total bother. Your family here."

Cody gawked at the comment and shook his head. "Heh, thanks."

His host mother hugged him tight before letting go. He glared at Cody's unsettled brown hair and played with it before giving it some sense of style. "Don't look like a slob. At least not on your first day."

"Keep it touch," his host father said. "The girls will miss you."

"Yeah. I'll send a postcard or something," Cody said with a weak smile. He made his way to door, picking up his tightly packed bag, made a half wave and walked out of the door. He passed the point of no return.


The Academy was a fair length of a walk, but nothing Cody couldn't manage. He could make the trek in his sleep. In fact, he probably did once or twice. The heavy bag made drifting into slumber impossible though. He wasn't used to carrying anything of substantial weight. Cody rarely read the books for class anyway and frequently came to the Academy unprepared.

Cody knew where the laboratory wing was, having wandered the school several times when he cut classes but he never actually entered it. Students were not allowed to, and it was the first time just an arbitrary rule stopped him. Those damn key coded doors were a real pain, and Cody was not exactly an expert level hacker. But the pass key he was given certainly made that little problem disappear. Without as much as a second though, Cody swiped the key card and entered through the glass doors. Simple. He wondered if anyone had trouble with such an easy task. Some kid was bound to have second thoughts. If Cody had to take a guess it would of been Riku or Justine. Justine seemed like such a girly girly that the idea of being alone in the world probably scared her. And Riku was likely some kid with deeper issues that would attack his own sense of self worth.

Cody was greeted by Prof. Oak in some Pokemon wheelchair (how cliche) and was guided to the office. He was not the first to arrive, but at least he wasn't last. Riku, Justine, and Angie were all there. Of course, the three people that Cody did not want to be locked in a room with right now.

Hopefully this wouldn't last long.


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