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This Is Our Last Goodbye
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    Yes, I am quite aware that no one has reached Petalburgh yet, but I'll be busy for most of the next week, and I certainly don't want this RP to die, and that, my friends, brings us to Chapter III, but first, a small flashback of the important events (kinda) !

    Just remember to go at your own pace!
    Hoenn RéBURST
    Previously... On The Kill Your Family Show...

    Eli: Geoff, I'm pregnant, and you're the father!


    Vato: So, you wanna catch Lotad again, Forrest, don't ya? Let me throw a Poochyena in, too! It'll be fun! >:3

    Eli: Isla, I'm pregnant, and you're the father!
    Isla: BUT I THOUGHT YOU WERE A BOY!!! (I wanted to be the mom. >_>)
    Eli: The answer is quite simple...
    Admiral: IT'S A TRAP!
    Isla: This is unbelievable!
    Geoff: Yet, totally expected...
    Isla: Totally hot.
    Geoff: Yes, that too, but mostly expected... *BOOM!*

    Geoff: Lily, I'm pregnant and you're the father!
    Lily: Boy or girl?
    Geoff: Twins!
    Lily: NOOOOO--*BOOM!*
    Geoff: NOOOOOO--Oh wait, now I can tell Eli! :D
    Eli: Tell me what?
    Geoff: I'm pregnant and you're the father!
    Geoff: You're pregnant, too!
    Admiral: IT'S A TRAP!
    Eli: Am I dead, too?
    Isla: You will be for cheating on me with Geoff!
    Eli: Isla! This isn't what it looks like!
    Geoff: It's totally what it looks like.
    Isla: It looks like Geoff is trying to get your pity because his husband's dead!
    Eli: Okay, yeah, it's totally what it looks like.


    Vato: Have I mentioned that I'm evil? *... Also, BOOM!*
    Shia: Optimus!!!!
    Vato: Who the crap let this kid in?! SECURITY!!!
    Security: Ja! We are der bodygarsen! Heil Vato!
    Vato: Stop those racist comments!
    Security: Ja, mein fürher! Du! Du Hast! Du Hast Mich!


    Isla: Dialogue, dialogue, dialogue, nonsense, dialogue, dialogue, dialogue, dialogue, trap, progressing dialogue, nonsense, dialogue, plot twist!
    Eli: Dude, get to the point!
    Isla: Unexpected and very important plot point that no one had thought about that won't factor into the story for at least twenty chapters but is yet able to be known at this point in the timeline!
    Eli: IMPOSSI--*BOOM!*
    Isla: NOOOOO--Oh wait. GEOFF~! I'm pregnant and you're the father!
    Geoff: I thought you were a *BOOM!*


    Meanwhile, somewhere around The Hills, I mean, Laguna Beach... Oh, screw it! It's the same crap, anyways!!!
    Some Blonde Girl: He hasn't called me in a week! *Throws herself at the couch*
    Some Other Blonde: Yeah, me neither! *Throws herself at the couch*
    The First Blonde Girl: Wait, you're dating him too!? *Gets up*
    Second Blonde: Yeah, so, you got a problem, guuuuuuuuurl?! *gets up and slaps her*
    Blonde 1: Oh, no you didn't!


    Meet all your favorite characters duking it out for the title of Ultimate Trainer in the Hoenn RéBURST Battle Royale!

    The Burst Child Who's Discarded Womanhood: Eli Anderson! "Don't hold back."

    The Confused World Traveler: Geoff Bates! "I'd hate to have to kick such a cutie's butt."

    The Professor Trainee from a Life of Comfort and Mischief: Isla Van Tricht! "Take this as a learning experience."

    The Unbreakable Tsundere at First Sight: Lily Blackstar! "I'm just here to keep you out of trouble."

    The Child Unaware of Cat Videos on the Internet: Naren Warren! "Do we ave to solve this ba battlin'?"

    The Ranger-Trained Albino with a Guardian Zoroark: Tachibana Mei! "Watch me, Naa-chan."

    The Ever-Depressing Orphan Bound by Honor: Jerome Kerenski! "Don't you dare lie to me."

    Just Barely Not a Dwarf: Becky Banks! "Call me 'cute' and I'll kill you!"

    The Barely Literate Spy Who Claims He Quit of His Own Volition: Chillacy Seath! "I swear I resigned!"

    And finally...

    The Ninja Wannabe Who Can't Catch a Lotad to Save His Life: Forrest Top! "That is my ninja way!"

    Did any of that crap actually happen? Does Isla really want a kid? How did Geoff and Isla not find out Eli was a girl if they got her pregnant? For that matter, how did both of them get her pregnant?! Is Geoff really having twins? How did Geoff get pregnant in the first place?! Is polygamy legal in Hoenn?! Will there be an epic Battle Royale for Ultimate Trainer?! For yourself you must find out, in this chapter of... THE KILL YOUR FAMILY SHOW!

    Hosted by Betty Crocker and Oprah Winfrey
    Created by Michael Bay
    Featuring music by Linkin Park
    Guest starring Admiral Ackbar, Shia La*BOOM!* and Optimus Prime.

    Petalburgh City

    A very small city west of Oldale. The first one with a gym you shall see in your journey... It houses two strong Trainers, the first one being the local Gym Leader, who specializes in Normal type Pokemon, Norman, and Wally, a Trainer who made it to the Pokemon League with a Ralts as his starter Pokemon. The whereabouts of the latter remain unknown as of yet...

    There's a small inn for travellers here, the Petal Inn, next to the gym, and also to the lake next to it.

    One may frequently see stray Meowth while here, which are quite rare outside cities...

    Wild Pokemon:
    In the lakes:

    In order to get the Pokemon from the lake, you shall need a rod, lucky you! There's a fisherman (named Ralph :P) who shall give you an Old Rod if you ask nicely! The catch is that the rod can actually catch any of the Pokemon available, neat isn't it? As for Marill and Lotad, there's no need to fish for them, as they are mostly out of the lakes, walking around the city.

    Stray Pokemon:

    Now, here's the catch of these buddies, they are Pokemon who no longer have an owner, be it for that person abandoning them, or just because they are lost. They haven't been groomed in quite a while, so don't expect them to be squeaky clean! You must be creative if you want to catch any of them, you must befriend them in whatever way you can, be it giving them food, saving them from an angry Pokemon, or whatever else you can think of. If you want to catch a stray Pokemon, you must end your post with the Pokemon being sealed inside a Pokeball. If your post is great enough, you shall keep it, if it isn't, however, I'll tell you to release it...

    Optional Event

    Battle! Leader Norman!

    You may access the local gym if so you wish, where you may challenge Norman to a one-on-one battle, in which he'll use a Lv.40 Slaking. This battle cannot be won with Pokemon which are barely at Lv.10, as you can imagine, but if your post impresses me, I shall give you a reward!

    Also, in order to avoid any confusions, only ONE person can challenge a Gym Leader at a time, there may still be more than one person at once in the gym, however...

    What you may, may not and must do:
    -You may travel in Petalburgh City
    -You may have as many posts as you wish here
    -You may interact with NPCs and RPers here

    Route 104

    A quite large route in western Hoenn that connects Petalburgh City with Rustboro City. This route is split in half by the Petalburgh Woods, which must be crossed in order to keep journeying the Route.

    Wild Pokemon:

    Sight Seeing

    Mr. Briney's Sea Cottage

    There's a cottage where Mr. Briney lives, a man who knows the seas of Hoenn like the back of his hand! If you enter this cottage, you'll see... Nothing, the house is empty, which is weird, Mr. Briney never leaves unless he's going to Dewford, in which case, he takes his boat with him, which is outside of the cottage... That's weird, not even Pecko seems to be around...

    The Pretty Petal Flower Shop

    There's a small shop in this Route rught after going out of the woods. In here you may purchase any berries you like at 50 each, of course, because of your few experience, it is recommended that you first get familiarized with berries such as Oran and Cheri. You may also purchase plants, if you have the money and place to put them in, that is...

    What you may, may not and must do:
    -You must go through this Route
    -You may catch the Pokemon you battle
    -You may interact/fight with any NPCs or RPers
    -You must end an attempt to catch a Pokémon with the throwing the Pokéball, I will decide whether you catch it or not.

    Petalburgh Woods

    A small forest located within Route 104... This place houses a huge amount of Bug type Pokemon, and thus, you might want to check them out before leaving, as they won't be appearing that much after this chapter...

    Wild Pokemon:

    What you may, may not and must do:
    -You must go through the forest
    -You may catch the Pokemon you battle
    -You may interact/fight with any NPCs or RPers
    -You must end an attempt to catch a Pokémon with the throwing the Pokéball, I will decide whether you catch it or not.
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