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    "It has been five days since we last saw him." Leon's mother was speaking to her husband and father. "I know you're worried dear, but I'm sure he's alive or studying. You did see how crushed he was when we told him there were no contest halls in Unova. He's probably just crying and sleeping. He'll be fine as long as we give him some space." Leon's father said as he continued to flip through the newspaper. It was Leon's grandfather that arose from his seat and actually headed towards Leon's room. "That young man has to go and start his Pokemon journey today! He better wipe those tears and go be a man! In my day we didn't have those fancy contest! We would battle gym leaders and try to face the elite four. I'll drag him out if necessary." Leon's grandfather grabbed the doorknob and opened the door to Leon's room. He, along with Leon's mother and father are shocked to find Leon's room in a jumbled mess. Leon is seen drawing on a whiteboard with multiple sticky notes attached to them. Leon turned his head to see their three shocked faces at his room.

    "Leon, sweetie, what is all this mess? Why haven't you been out of your room in five days?" Leon's mother asked as she grabbed a chair from the mess to sit down. Leon looked puzzled but then smiled at his mother. "I have left my room to pee, but only at like 3 am when all you guys are asleep. This mess is actually all the data and research that I have been doing on Unova Pokemon and their contest compatibility. You see even though there are no contest halls in Unova, I still need a well developed contest team to use in the other regions once I leave Unova. So to figure out which Unova Pokemon would be suitable for the jobs, I have been online researching all the Pokemon that are native to Unova's attacks, egg moves, stats, abilities, evolutions, strengths and weaknesses. I haven't come up with a perfect team, but I have been able to decide what moves I should and can teach my Pokemon that appeal well in contest. It's better to be safe than sorry." Leon continued to work on his whiteboard as his parents and grandfather stood in shock that he had taken Pokemon contest training to the extreme.

    "Leon, do you know what day it is?" Leon's father asked. Leon looked confused. "Today is the day you are supposed to go get your first Pokemon and start your training!" Leon's grandfather yelled. Leon's face turned to shock as he realized he had completely forgotten today was the start of his journey. With haste, he tossed his parents and grandfather out of the room and started to gather his data together into his personal laptop and notebooks. He grabbed his backpack and placed all his essentials inside before he ran out the door. "Ok I'm going off to Juniper's Lab to get my first starter Pokemon! Next time you see me I'll be tearing up the contest track with my contest team. I love you all, goodbye!" Leon shouted as he ran out the door and towards Juniper's Lab.
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