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    Walking around his house, Lucas got his bag packed for his adventure. He looks at his bag and wonders if the bag he has is too big? Or if people will mock him? Or if he has enough underwear? (You can never have enough underwear.) After changing his bag and some of the contents, he finally came to the conclusion of just a simple bag with his essentials. He was pleased with his packing and smile.

    He turned and looked at a family picture. It was him and his parents on the beach with a Leavanny. In the picture the Leavanny was quite close to Lucas and they both looked really happy. Lucas began to get emotional, as he rubbed picture where Leavanny was. Lucas walked around his house until he found a notebook. He picked up his pen and began writing a letter for his parents. They don't be at the house very often, as they do stay in Black City most of the time, but it is for whenever they do get back to let them know where he has gone.

    'Dear Mom + Dad, I hope you don't get too worried about me when you read this letter. And please! Don't send the police to look for me again, I promise I'm okay! The bullies haven't done anything. I met someone pretty interesting today. Her name was Cynthia. She had a powerful Pokemon called Garchomp, it was a scary Pokemon but was really friendly. She saved my life today. So she advised me to go to Professor Juniper's lab South of here... So I hope you guys don't miss me too much! I love you! Lucas'. Lucas adds little sketch of Leavanny.

    He lifts his bag and he looks in the mirror. Really admiring how unique his hat and goggles combo had looked he walks out the door and locks it. He puts the key underneath a fake Roggenrola statue and walks towards the bus stop. On his way he finds Undella Town's Nurse Joy (she doesn't wear her nurses outfit around this town, due to the fact it's a beach. So she tends to wear a tank top and shorts when she's out and about.) She was sitting at the bus stop.

    'Oh hi Lucas! Where are you off to today?' the spunky nurse asked with a smile. 'Hello Joy...I'm off to Nuevma Town... I'm starting my journey today.' he nerviously replied. 'Oh my your Pokemon Journey! That'll be so much fun! You'll get to meet all of my sisters! They are all just so much fun! If your off on a journey you should take this!' Joy reaches into her handbag and pulls out a disc which had 10 written on it. 'Here! This is a Technical Machine, you install this to your Pokemon's Pokeball and they will learn this new move!' Joy hands over the disc to Lucas who is completely shocked by this gesture. 'Thank you! What move is this Joy?' 'Well this is TM 10 - Hidden Power, for some reason, this move isn't what it seems to be. There is no exact typing for this move, but it releases a burst of energy. It's a powerful move, so make sure your wait until your Pokemon can handle this power.' Lucas nods and thanks Joy.

    The bus to Nuevma Town pulls in and the doors open. Lucas hugs Joy and she hugs him back. He runs on the bus and pays his fare. He takes his seat by the window and watches the world where his adventure will take place, flash past him.

    'Next stop... Nuevma Town!'
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