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**** EA, really. They're the creator of so many crappy ideas like Day one DLC and this "Free to Play/Pay to Win" policies of theirs. What's worse is how they've been dominating in the media making stupid statements like "F2P is the future", which may have been acceptable until their CEO told the people how it would work (the whole "clip finishes, pay for it in battle" thing)

But this, wow. It's one thing doing something stupid but being proud of it? I don't buy EA games anyways (not even Fifa ever since I got my PS3). For me, as a gamer, I've ALWAYS valued single player over multiplayer. Most of my games that I have are those which have a quality single player campaign (except for Black Ops). Before March this year, I never even PLAYED online, yet I found all my games enjoyable. Screw Ea, I don't buy their games anyways, as long as they keep their hands off the other studios in the industry I'm fine with them digging their own graves.
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