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    Forrest grew angry with the Poochyena's intrusion. He threw out Sasuke. "Hit it anyways!...In America." Where the hell did that come from? He had never heard of this place...America. The phrase even got a questioning look from Sasuke. "Sasuke, use Absorb!" He called out. The Treecko ensnared the Poochyena in energy draining vines, rendering it immobile. Benedict and Tank slammed into it, weakening it to a new level. "Now toss it!" He didn't know why, but he thought that it would work. Sasuke took the Poochyena and threw it into the lake.

    "Now, Tank, Benidict, use Tackle on that freaking Lotad!" The other two tackled the terrified thing. "Use Absorb!" Sasuke ensnared yet another helpless pokemon in his cold, feeling vines. "Keep tackling it!" The entire team began to damage the Lotad. "You're mine!" He shouted out and threw a pokeball at the Lotad, hoping that it would capture the pokemon.
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