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Brown Matthews

Today was going by slow, at least in Brown's eyes. The fact that it was a free day did not help either. Being left to his own devices was a blessing for sure, but the problem was really deciding what to do. With so many available options, everything sort of just seemed to dwindle in the interest area. In his case, a free day usually meant a sleep-in day, but already being well awake, there was no chance of him slipping back into bed. He opened the door to his cabin, walking in. Having just worked the strawberry fields, dirty footprints followed his every step, defiling the cabin floor. He spotted his old, beat up sneakers that were tossed about carelessly by his bed. Next to them, hanging by the drawer was his crossbow, attached to a leather strap.

"Screw it.. there's nothing else to do." He looked over at his link, who was still in slumber. He rarely trained without him, but boredom called for desperate measures.

In quick movement he threw the crossbow over his shoulders, leaving it equipped to his back, and slipped into his shoes. He tied the laces in such a fashion that it felt like his blood circulation would soon be cut off. Walking out, he realized the dirt he had brought into the cabin, hopefully inspections had already happened today.

Brown automatically set off for the training area, hoping to pass the time on some moving target dummies. He walked at a slow, relaxed pace. There wasn't much to see on the path, a few demigods going on about their own business as usual. Nothing really stood out today, at least not yet.

In the distance, two figures came into view, no wait, make it three. It was Kiara, the demigod that held the most seniority at Camp Half-blood, and her link, a Floatzel. Who was the other one? It, from what he could make out, was a boy, a new kid, at least new to Brown. He had never seen him before, but he had a sort of Poseidon feel to him. It definitely made sense that he would be a son of Poseidon, he was hanging out with Kiara and all. Brown reached down, picking up a tiny pebble. He tossed it up a few times in his hand as he walked over. Suddenly, he decided to toss the pebble over to the group, as a sort of hello gesture. Now who the hell throws a pebble at people to say hello? Certainly not normal people!
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