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Essentials have Temporary Self-Switches, I didn't found about this on wikia, so I'm posting the old notes:

Originally Posted by Old notes
Temporary Self-Switches

Each event in the game comes with a set of temporary self switches. This set is cleared whenever a map is entered. To check whether a temporary self switch is on, use a switch named "s:tsOn?(X)" where X is one of "A", "B", "C", or "D". To check whether it's off, use a switch named s:tsOff?(X). To turn a temporary self switch on or off, use a Script event command like the following:


Temporary self switches are currently used in doors. They also have other uses where stand-alone stateful events are desired.
You can also access the regular Self Switch using the scripts 'pbSetSelfSwitch(event, switch,value)' and '$game_self_switches[[mapid,event,switch]]=value'. The last one needs '$game_map.need_refresh = true'
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