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    Lucas wakes up and jumps. Not realising how long he had slept, he looks out the window and sees that he is driving past Unova's very own Pokemon training School right next door to a gigantic restruant. He looks around the bus at other passengers and notice that they all seem to be happy to be going through this city. He looks out the window and tries to name all of the window Pokemon that are in the grassy patches beside the road. He sees a Purrlion, a Cottonee. Oh wow! A Deerling! Amazed by all of these Pokemon Lucas's jaw drops as he sees a Black Patrat with blue eyes jump out of the grass. He rubs his eyes and looks back out just to see regular Patrat fighting over food. He sighed and pulled his goggles over his eyes and dosed over again.

    He woke up again to notice a young boy being chased by a Purrlion....weird... The bus finally came to a stop in Nuvema town. Lucas thanks the bus man as he's coming off the bus. He runs over to the pier in Nuvema town and admires the view of the ocean. It was so much different from the view in Undella Town. But it reminded him of home and the hard work he has to put in to prove to himself.

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