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Deandra Maycomb
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Gym Battle Pokemon: Butler (Aipom)

Cinnabar Island

"Aipom! Aipom!"

"Wait! Wait!" Deandra ran behind her overly eager Pokemon, less than conditioned for this unexpected cardio workout. Butler, her Aipom of many years, ran ahead of her; large smile on his face, tail bouncing behind him, collar tag jingling, and wind through his fur. He was always like this, overly excited about everything, or at least looking for a reason to run, get up, or just plain ol' go. She hated it and loved it at the same time.

Today, she definitely hated it. Her backpack of supplies was overly heavy and it was hot outside. It had been hot out all of the time lately. Her parents had over packed her and kept her up with this thing and that and her brother asking to come along didn't exactly speed up the process. They could have just driven her here, but the excuse of the day was "You could use the exercise." Exercise. She was going to be in the woods for who knew how long! Plenty of exercise would get done. No need to speed up the process, but what arguing could be done to the only two people in the world that care about you for more than your looks and your money? None, especially if they were like her dad and his stubborn, "I'm serious," face. Deandra huffed, not having got a break to walk since she stepped out of the house. Butler (or Butsy as Deandra did and was embarrassed to call him (though only in public)) was considered a pet instead of a Pokemon, so instead of being stuffed in a ball all day, he was given a collar instead. Unfortunately that didn't mean he could run around, especially since more people liked to steal Pokemon than they did dogs, despite the fact that Pokemon were literally everywhere and were about as easy to find as kicking over a rock or stepping into grass that hadn't been cut for about three days. Still, people went out of their way to make schemes to catch the same Pokemon that others grabbed in two dollar nets, and that's why she could let him out of her sight. He had a Pokeball so no one could peg him with their own and say he's theirs, but he was never in it so, to Deandra, it was irrelevant and forgettable. The handy device was currently packed, but she forgot about it almost as soon as it had gone in there.

"Butsy!" The little Aipom didn't listen. He was on his way to the lab, as if he even knew where it was. Deandra had to admit, he was pretty accurate. Many times Deandra had walked by the place and pointed it out to him. Maybe he knew his way a little bit. Whatever the case was, he'd taken a few wrong turns, which also explained their wasted time. If he weren't so fast, she probably would have been there by now. This surprise workout, however, didn't quite do the job of ruining this day. She would be meeting with Ambella Coal and then this new adventure would begin. It was pretty cool, but also a lot of work at the same time. There were a couple extra things she wasn't particularly interested in, but she'd get through it somehow.

Deandra had to reason with herself that this running game wasn't going to end anytime soon and she'd need to speed up to have any luck. Forcing herself farther than she wanted to go, Deandra turned on her afterburners and gained some speed. It didn't get her where she wanted to be, but with more trying she eventually caught up to her Aipom and snatched him up, much to his surprise. Deandra almost immediately let herself drop into a sit on the ground, holding Butler, who wanted nothing more than to leave again, and trying to catch her breath. She hoped that this wouldn't be a repeating experience.

The transition from the ground to Ambella Coal's lab was, Deandra hoped, not too long, though it was somewhat of a hassle trying to restrain Butler the entire way. When she got there, whatever meeting she was arriving to had already started. She hoped she didn't miss anything too important, but maybe not.

"You might have heard the rumors about the gym leaders..." Ambella stated, going into a little rundown of the gym leader's new disposition and showing a little display of her resolve. Their "mission" (why did it have to be a mission? This didn't exactly seem like an operations kind of deal, did it?) was to go scout around an area even hotter than it already was over here. She was suddenly glad that her mom had her pack a bottle of water or two (though it was in no way cold--figures) in the side pockets of her backpack. Butler seemed to be particularly interested in everyone who was around while Deandra herself wasn't. She noticed Auryn, which meant she wouldn't be totally alone in this mission thing, but everyone else was a stranger and at the moment she didn't take much time to see who they were past their face, hair, body, and clothes. Little tickets were passed out that apparently went to the Seafoam Islands, a place she was all too familiar with from family trips. She smiled a little. It was a good place to be. Putting her ticket in her pocket for safe keeping, it wasn't really hard to predict that Deandra would be confused by the "pokedex" part. They got Pokedex? And they had email? She knew what a Pokedex was. Everyone knew what a Pokedex was. It was the coolest thing no one could have (actually, no one but them could have, if she assumed correct) and only the most fascinated people knew everything about it. Deandra had liked the idea of it, but never did serious research on the device, maybe that's why she didn't know it had email. For a moment she wondered if it had texting too and considered asking, but there was something about being late and asking questions that didn't exactly go together for Deandra.

Instead of making noise she kept quiet, assuming a Pokedex was probably on its way to her hand. She looked around at the other members, already sure that their judgement on her promptness was at flare, but not exactly caring either. Her eyes landed an Auryn and she made a small smile again. Maybe she'd fill her in if no one else would? Deandra looked away. Maybe. Possibly. Hopefully.
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