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    Originally Posted by diegoisawesome View Post
    Sorry for double posting, but I finally fixed the routine for Emerald! (almost perfect)
    0x88DB6, 0x88D68, and 0x88D54 need to be overwritten with 0A XX XX 01, where XX stands for bytes that you DO NOT change.

    Then, paste 00 B5 40 69 C0 21 49 00 A0 22 92 00 FF F7 78 FF 01 BC 00 47 in 0x88D78, and test it out. Ta-da!

    I found the solution when I copied over some bytes from FR, and kept messing with them until everything was coming out correctly. This included fixing the bl $08088c78 which was shifted over two bytes (and therefore I wrote my own bl).
    Thank goodness there isn't a thread revival limit here!

    I did what diegoisawesome said to do here, but my tileset 0 in Emerald still only holds 1FF blocks instead of Firered's 27F. Please tell me I grossly misunderstood what I was doing and that I'm missing a simple step somewhere. AdvanceMap's .ini has already been edited to what the original post suggested.
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