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Originally Posted by TRIFORCE89 View Post

So in that instance? Rich folks. Friends of his. Financial backers and supporters. Do they want to hear that he cares about them or the poor? Certainly not the poor, that's not their interest. Later when he visits Florida (probably a great number of those 47% not paying taxes supposedly are elderly) he's going to be talking about how he supports them and protecting Medicare and whatever which else.


I find his Israel stuff more interesting, really. For all the nonsensical flack he's given Obama on not being a good friend to Israel, Romney essentially says "Too tough to solve. I'll kick the can down to whoever the President is that follows me"
I believe that there really is a substantial number (don't know the exact number) who really don't pay federal income tax because they are too poor or they get tax deductions of some kind. Lots still pay state taxes, and of course sales tax. So I think it's true in a sense that lots of people don't pay certain taxes, but some of them are the kind of people who would vote for Romney.

All the other stuff he said about people being lazy, etc., is of course awful and wrong.

Also, to be fair, I think Romney was being critical of the peace process and saying that previous presidents have kicked the can down the road, not that it's what he planned to do. Of course, he doesn't have his own solution that I'm aware of so pointing out that others haven't solved the problem isn't doing him any good either.
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