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I'm gonna repost this from my blog, but this was from two nights ago:

I was in a car on the highway and Justin Bieber (weird I know) was driving the car, but he was driving like a insane all over the lanes and the road. At this point I'm freaking out. He ends up cutting off an 18-wheeler and the truck goes flying off the road and crashes into a Target/Walmart type store. He barely even flinches and keeps on driving like a maniac. I guess a cop was nearby because we see blue light and hear sirens from behind us. He doesn't stop immediately, but after a while he pulls over. We both get out of the car and the cops pull up and four cops get out of the one car. They didn't ask us about the truck. One of them came up to us and started signing to us in ASL. I tried to understand but she was signing too fast. I tried to sign back as best i could (i actually know a little ASL in real life!) and one of the other cops finally spoke and said something like "You know ASL?" and them I said "a little" and then they just let us go.

weeeeeiiiird. I know.
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