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    Lucia Francisco Bernavard
    Suicune Dorms

    Lucia nodded to the both of them. "Well, I'll be off then. What is there to worry about Mark? It's just bugs and grass types and Roberto will keep me safe." She said with a nod. "Oh, here's my number Nika." She said and quickly gave the girl her number. "We'll chat later today hopefully and if Roberto is feeling up to it you can study him." She said with a chuckle as the Scizor rolled his eyes.

    She quickly checked to see that she had everything as Diana smiled at Len, "Yeah, I would like that. I don't have to be careful, I am a Lairon after all!" She said proudly.

    Lucia pulled out two pokeballs and returned Diana and Samuel. With a quick wave to her two new friends she stepped out and headed over to the Suicune dorm. If I don't send that email off right now I'll just forget about it and this way I'll no doubt have an answer by the time I return, she thought to herself.

    Roberto now had time to think to himself and he came up with an easy conclusion. That boy was no good news. He was easily getting past Lucia's defenses like they were butter. The Scizor idly wondered why her parents even thought about letting her come here. She would have been much safer at the estate. No matter, he was here with her now. He would also have to keep a close eyes on that girl there. Nika. She seemed to be a bug type specialist, but appearance were always deceiving. What would studying him achieve? There were plenty of books here on Scizors no doubt. Why not read one of those instead? If she did try that on him though, he would just keep many of his abilities hidden. An outsider wouldn't learn all of his tricks, he would make sure of that!

    The dorm was quite a walk away, but luckily no one seemed to bother her on her way there. She was soon in the hallway, but as she came to her room she saw that there was someone standing there with a Scizor next to him. It didn't take her long to figure out who it was and she smiled widely and ran over to him and hugged him. "Eric!"

    The man chuckled and hugged her back, "Hey there sis! How's it going?"

    Lucia pulled away and punched him in the shoulder. "Why didn't you tell me you were coming!?"

    The man shrugged as he rubbed his sore spot, "Eh, wanted to surprise you. The trial actually finished earlier than expected. Got some good evidence in that was pretty convincing. Only took the jury an hour to pronounce innocence." He said with a grin. "So, how is it over here? Good? Bad?"

    Lucia smiled, "Good thankfully. Mom and dad still busy?"

    Eric nodded, "Yeah. Still swamped over there. Hey Roberto."

    The Scizor just meekly nodded as he head to the Scizor that was there with Eric. "Abdacus."

    The other Scizor smirked, "Nice to see you too Roberto."

    As the two Scizor began to chat it up Eric looked around, "So, your friend had a question about Ninjasks?" Lucia nodded, "Yeah. He's at the pokemon center right now, but I was about to head out into the forest to train Diana." She said as she grabbed a pokeball and released the Lairon onto the ground. Eric kneeled down and petted the steel type. "Hey, not too shabby Lucia. She looks in great health."

    Lucia smiled, "Got her to evolve into a Lairon a short while ago." Eric chuckled, "That's swell. At this rate she'll be a Aggron in no time." Diana smiled a bit at the praise. Lucia nodded, "I know. Anyway, I just need to grab some different clothes. My dress isn't exactly the thing one wears when exploring forests." She said. Eric shrugged, "No problem sis. I'll wait out here.' It only took a few minutes for Lucia to change into a pair of blue jeans and a short sleeved black shirt. "I really want you to meet my friends first so we can go to the pokemon center."

    Eric nodded, "Alright, sounds like a plan. Lead the way little sis." Lucia grabbed his hand and happily pulled him along as their three pokemon followed after.
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