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    きよこ - KIYOKO
    Bizarre Twist


    Kiyoko was somewhat terrified, though in the events that progressed he was slightly comforted by, oddly enough, Valorie's possessive and childish actions. While he didn't appreciate being treated like an object... (A very rare and sought after object) The feeling of being wanted to that extent gave some reassurance that she genuinely wanted to keep him safe. That Pokemon that she released, on the other hand... Was almost more terrifying than the "R" Men themselves. Definitely up there. Upon the Haxorus' release, Kiyoko shrank back closer toward Valorie. Yes, he was more scared of the Pokemon defending him than the attack that would have hit him.

    He was soon pelted with sprinkles of water and a slight gust of wind that had slipped past the Pokemon. His coat now stuck to him, making him look even more like a twig than a Pokemon. With nothing else to do or say, he watched the erupting fight before him.

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