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♫ PokéVision 2012 ♫
~ PCX Song Parody Contest ~
With this year's motto: 10 years of Happiness

Hey, I just got here!
And this is crazy,
But here's my Pokémon,
Take care of it maybe.

Do you love to listen to parodies, Does it make you want to write one? Well, this contest is designed for you! Before we start, here are some rules you must follow...

~ Rules ~

1. All PokéCommunity rules apply to this competition.

2. In this competition, one must write his/her own original work with the real song, either a YouTube embed or a link to that YouTube video or writing the lyrics under spoiler tags, in your post. If found guilty of copy pasting a parody that has already been written will mean an automatic disqualification from the contest.

3. One parody piece per contestant. Also, if found guilty of using multiple accounts, an automatic disqualification will be given to all pieces tied with the writer.

4. Although not required, you may sing your parody and may grant you plus points. Bear in mind that even if you sing your parody, it won't grant you a guaranteed win. Other entries that were not sung may have a chance at winning.

5. All entries must be of song length. Meaning you have to write the whole song as a parody. We won't accept parodies of chorus length or verse length.

6. The theme for this year's song parody contest must be either of the following:

Pokémon related or about PokéCommunity's Tin Anniversary (10 Years)

7. Prizes for the Contest:

Participants will get an emblem for joining.

3rd Place will grant a: 3rd Place Emblem

2nd Place will grant a: 2nd Place Emblem

And 1st place will have: a 1st Place Emblem

8. Deadline of the submission of the parodies will be on the final day of PCX, September 30, Sunday.

9. Any questions can be answered by the hosts, Toujours, Para-Dox, and gunnerpow7, via VM or PM.

10. Remember to be a good sport and have fun!

Since we got the rules set, let's move on to the sign-up template...

~ Sign Up ~

Song: (The format should be: Song Title ~ Singer)
Parody: (Format should be: Parody Title ~ Username)

Now, all that's left are the contestants...

~ Contestants ~

pokeskate ~ Lerroux Theme (Pokemon Theme)

AlexOzzyCake ~ We Weren't Hatched To Battle (We Weren't Born To Follow)

Curious. ~ Let Me Catch You (Let Me Love You)

Sector Revenge ~ Feel Like A Pokemon Master (Feel Like a Rockstar)

The Shiny Umbreon in the Corner ~ Trade With Me Maybe (Call Me Maybe)

Eeveelution Co-ordinator ~ We Found Shinies (We Found Love)

GolurkIsDaBomb ~ Tick Tock (Tik Tok)

Shining Raichu ~ Mod Me (Free)

Jeremy ~ Moves Like TM87 (Moves Like Jagger)

littlebrother ~ That's Where I Got My Starter Poke (That's Where The Happy People Go)

bobandbill ~ House of The Trick Master (House of The Rising Sun)

That's all and on the final note..... Hit us with your best work, Write away!

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