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Hi Cirno. Actually I forgot to read the rules, I'm used to post in other forums, (KCMM) shouldn't be that different but I guess I should just in case.

About my project, I just finished a generic RPG with RPG Maker XP and now I'm ready to make something better. I wanted to make a game featuring Mario, Link, Samus, Sonic and other Nintendo characters and most of their villains but when I started choosing what Pokémon to include I ended up with a long list. Also the enemies didn't make much sense in a turn-based battle, like Dr. Eggman. So, Pokémon took over my whole plans and I decided it would be more convenient to just make a Pokémon game. The same sorta happened with my RPG, all the enemies are Wild Pokémon, only the Bosses are different xD

For now I'm learning what I can do with the Pokémon Essentials Kit before deciding what will my game be like. I only have vague ideas.

And ok, I'll try to stick around and meet people here =)
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