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Originally Posted by TACHAN View Post
I have tested it.
After defeating a wild Pokemon this message appears:

Exception: NameError
Message: undefined local variable or method `expspeed' for #<PokemonDataBox:0x4da7ad8>
PokeBattle_ActualScene:790:in `update'
SpriteWindow:1375:in `pbUpdateSpriteHash'
SpriteWindow:1371:in `each'
SpriteWindow:1371:in `pbUpdateSpriteHash'
SpriteWindow:1600:in `pbFadeOutAndHide'
SpriteWindow:1598:in `each'
SpriteWindow:1598:in `pbFadeOutAndHide'
SpriteWindow:1597:in `pbDeactivateWindows'
SpriteWindow:1524:in `pbActivateWindow'
SpriteWindow:1524:in `pbDeactivateWindows'

Thanks FL. Also me this script will be useful.
I got that too at first, you need to put a value here
"expspeed # exp speed here"

like this

expspeed=10 #exp speed here.

It should work now.

I am still unable to figure out where to put this @currenthp minus @endhp?
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