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a wild pokémon appears!

Indeed it was a wild. A wild pokémon. It was a big plant like creature who looked like it was out on a mindless stroll around the island rather than meaning to surprise and attack the human and the fish. When the Carnivine spotted Auryn and Remoraid, it froze for a couple of seconds and then looked like it was thinking hard. Should it attack? Or should it just mind its own business and keep going past them?


- Bind
- Growth
- Bite

  • You may handle this encounter in any way and with any length post that you want.
  • You may decide the gender of the pokémon.

a wild pokémon appears!

From the bushes, a pair of blazing eyes stared at Eli and Dot. Then an elegant creature slowly walked out in front of them. It was a Vulpix, the fox fire pokémon. This one really looked sly, as if it enjoyed luring and playing with stray humans.


- Ember
- Tail Whip

  • You may handle this encounter in any way and with any length post that you want.
  • You may decide the gender of the pokémon.

the wild Growlithe was caught!
Doduo learned a new attack: Rage!

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Cinnabar Island

What came out from the bushes was a large head with two alert eyes and lots and lots of teeth. Auryn screamed. The creature froze and looked down at her, tilting its head to the side a little.

Wait, Auryn knew this pokémon. Not personally, but she knew of the species. It was the kind you should avoid when you were playing in the jungle of Cinnabar, lest it could eat your foot or something if you stepped into its mouth carelessly.

She backed away slowly and carefully put Remoraid down on the ground, which made him nervous. The creature in front of them leaned down to blink at the fish, which made him even more nervous. Auryn pulled up her pokédex and scanned the wild pokémon.

"Using its tentacles to lash itself to trees, it lies in wait for prey, luring it close with sweet-smelling drool."

"Ominous..." Auryn commented.

Carnivine sighed.

"Huh? Did you just sigh?" the girl asked the wild pokémon who nodded sadly.

Remoraid shook his... uh, body. He couldn't really shake just his head. He certainly didn't think it was the right thing to do for Auryn, letting her guard down and talking friendly with such a grass monster.

Auryn thought hard. "Maybe... maybe you're not dangerous at all and are tired of people running away from you?"

Remoraid jumped up and down in terror, but Carnivine nodded eagerly.

"Well, we won't run! Let's play something!" Auryn smiled and reached out a hand to the plant pokémon.

Just as Carnivine reached out a vine towards the girl, a sharp beam of water hit the vine and made it pull back with a yelping noise from Carnivine.

"Remoraid! What are you doing!"

The fish looked angrily at her.

"You have to give people a chance! And pokémon, we have to give everyone a chance!" Auryn said, turning her back at the plant pokémon to scold her own. She shouldn't have done that.

All of a sudden, Carnivine towered up with a dark face behind her, using Growth to grow in power. Then it sent out vines that startled Auryn and bound her tightly so that she couldn't move her arms and legs. She fell down on the forest floor with another scream.

Remoraid shot another beam of water directly into the face of the grass type, who now didn't look as sad anymore. But Carnivine merely shook his head to get the water off itself; it didn't seem to hurt much. It started dragging the screaming girl away into the jungle while Remoraid helplessly jumped after them. But being a fish on dry land didn't exactly make him quick...

((OOC: Rescue mission, commence! If no one wants to hear and follow the screaming Auryn and maybe find the frustrated Remoraid in the jungle, then I'll just continue this post later :P ))

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