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Valorie Ryder - Academy Halls
Kilik and Ruby would not walk in on a peaceful scene. Rather, they'd appear just in time to watch a Haxorus and Swampert face each other down. The haxorus belonged to the girl holding the odd-looking zorua and the swampert belonged to a boy. The girl had a nice red mark on her cheek from where the boy had smacked her across the face. She looked kind of mad, to say the least.

Meanwhile, Mark, Lucia/Eric, and Charlie would have little difficulty tracking down the battle. As the battle continued, they'd hear crashes, scraping noises, and the cry of the same pokemon they had heard before as the battle raged. A battle. In the hallways. For the record, this was completely against the academy's rules. One was supposed to bring their fights to the battlefield areas, to minimize property damage and mae sure nearby students weren't forced to walk through a raging battle. Also because Calnith hates Pokemon Centers Those just coming into the scene would probably not be able to conclude that this battle was in self-defense rather than ignorance of the rules.

The male was serious, determined, and ordered his Pokemon with a calm, stern voice to use ice ball. His Swampert curled into a ball and opened its mouth, releasing a rather strange mist that almost instantly crystallized around it on touch as if it were liquid nitrogen. Only, it formed a rather thick coating of ice. The ice boulder proceeded to accelerate in such a manner as to cause a loud scraping sound on the ground as it lost traction for a brief moment before launching itself at Haxorus. The dragon pokemon emitted a rather surprised cry and instinctively reached out, digging powerful claws into the ball of ice. It was dragon claw. Yet, this action was relatively ineffective, and mostly failed to reach the pokemon within the icy armor. Rather, it knocked Swampert into the air, where it crashed into the wall with a loud CRACK! The boy was preying on a type advantage.

"Haxorus, use protect" she called out, and the armored raptor-dragon pokemon generated a powerful shield in front of itself, only for Swampert to abruptly turn off course, speeding past Haxorus and crashing into yet another wall. This time, it left an actual large hole in the wall. Valorie's mind raced. She had called that protect a tad early. Without warning, swampert came back at Haxorus with even further increased speed. The ball of ice now looked to pack incredibly deadly force.

...And then Haxorus lowered her head. It happened in a matter of moments, flashing before the eyes of those present. Haxorus lowered her skull and shifted her head to the side just as Swampert was about to reach her, striking the ice ball diagonally with the axe blades sticking out of her head in a vicious blow that cleaved straight through the ice as if through thin air, shattering the ice ball in a fraction of a second and striking Swampert hard within. The resulting blow sent Swampert flying up against the roof, where it smacked against said roof and proceeded to crash against the ground. Haxorus had used counter, dealing absolutely devastating damage to the swampert at impact point. It was unclear if the swampert was able to get back up, though it immediately made an effort to push itself to its legs.

Haxorus, in turn, hunched over and rushed the fallen Pokemon with intent to make sure it /stayed/ down.

Valorie was a tad pre-occupied with the battle, and wasn't aware of Kilik, or the familiar girl from Self-Defense class. Though... they could feel free to grab her attention.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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