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    Originally Posted by Pinkish Purple
    Errrrhmaaaahgerrd, that is so damn sweet! You're an awesome scripter! This page should get more views ):

    While I did do all of the work figuring out how to get it to function properly, some credit for the way dive works should go to Gamefreak (for the base dive script that saved me a bunch of time) and to JPAN (for the special that allows this to work). Just remember that

    Originally Posted by PokemonMasters
    i dont know if you fixed the tile error its screenshot 6, ut theres a tile error. awesome screens ! lol nice to see someone working hard. goodluck!
    Any tile errors that appear in the screenshots on the first page have been fixed.

    Thanks for the compliments


    Also, (for anyone who has seen the dive video), you will have noticed that there are tiles that do nothing when "A" is pressed on them, yet they still make the clicking noise. It is a minor bug that I cannot fix (except, perhaps, with ASM --- which I don't know).