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Lerroux says "bye-bye!
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    Sign me up!

    "Dear PC citizens,

    Due to the ludicrous amount of spam we have been having, I have decided to go ahead and delete every user with less than 50 posts. Now now, you make think this is harsh but just think about it. Im getting rid of the spammers AND the one day-ers(You know, those kids that have nothing better to do than join PC for a night and cause mayhem) If you were a spammer and got deleted - GOOD. If you were a one day-er and got deleted - GOOD. If you were neither of the two and got deleted, well um - GOOD. We needed some clutter cleaned up anyway. I have prepared for anyone that has any hard feelings, this should make it all better.

    Have a good day.
    - Lerroux"
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