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Is it possible to grow up too fast? Is it happening to children now or is just a misconception of lonely parents? Is it a physical thing or something brought on by society? Or could it be both?

There are a lot of different views on this subject and simply googling one view or the other can open you up to a variety of sources.

My own opinion
Yes. Yes they are, and in more ways then one. Children are not just behaving in ways that we would not expect from people in their age bracket but are even physically developing earlier and earlier.

On the side of behaviour this is largely to do with our society. We live in a world that idolises people who do nothing but get drunk, take drugs, flash their genitals to the camera and sleep around. The media makes these things a big deal and this has a negative affect on young people. I'm not saying that all tv should be censored or the internet shut down, on the contrary I don't see the point since they'll hear it/see it somewhere else if not on tv or the net. I personally believe that the fault lies with authority figures and parents who don't do enough to teach their children how to behave responsibly and look after themselves.

Physically I'm not sure really where blame should be put or even if it should be put anywhere. Personally I think that it is likely just a side-effect of the current "climate" of the world and because ready-or-not kids are engaging in various adult activities.

Long story short I want know why the ten to thirteen-year-olds I coach have phones, ipods and, laptops dress like hookers and act nearly as bad (It's not all of them but the majority). I want to know if you think a bigger effort needs to be put into counteracting all this or if those who share my view (and myself) are overreacting.



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