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We must impose a way to make sure that those who join PC remain active on PC. Therefore, I am implementing a policy, effective immediately, that requires all PC members to maintain a minimum postcount per day of FOUR. Once a member joins, they will have one hour to make four or more posts. After that, they must maintain that daily pace of posting.

This is not unreasonable in my opinion; in fact, I find it unreasonable for any member not to maintain this frequency of posting. PC's servers have limited capacity, as I'm sure you're aware. Bogging down the data flow with "members" who choose to not post regularly (or, more infuriatingly, not at all) inconveniences and frustrates those of us who are dedicated to the site and post regularly to show this dedication. It is ludicrous that we, as active members should have to put up with server errors and good, creative usernames taken by people who have no intention of contributing to the many excellent threads and discussions present here. And to those who would not maintain this minimal acceptable of activity, I ask you - what is the point of joining if you do not intend to be a regular active member here? Are you here just to VM/PM your best friend who joined yesterday, or are you here to take advantage of our trading and ROM hacking resources without giving anything back to the site? Shame on you if those are your only reasons for signing up. We at Pokecommunity do not need your type to leech off our resources that we provide to active, regular members.

If they dip below that number, they will be notified immediately via an automated system that I am developing that will automatically send the user in question a VM, PM and email to their registered email address, so there is no excuse for them not to get it. Afterward, said member will have 24 hours to bring their postcount back up to the required number, and if they fail to do so, their account will be purged from PC's databases. This is more than fair warning, and dare I say may be too generous. It's 24 hours notice. You cannot use the excuses, "I was at work" or "I was at school" since you do not sit at work or in class for 24 consecutive hours. And if you're on vacation? If you're at a hotel it should have wi-fi and a computer room in the lobby. And if you're not? Pick up your phone book and find the nearest public library or internet cafe. Or McDonald's for that matter. There is a way for you to get online, log onto PC, and make a few posts to show that you're serious about wanting to be here.

Supporters and staff members are not immune to this policy. In fact since they have a invested interest in the site, I will hold them to a higher standard by requiring a minimum average postcount per day of FIVE.

Hopefully this keeps casual "drifters" out of PC, enabling us to devote our resources to those that are truly dedicated to the site.

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