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    Originally Posted by Al3X
    This is AMAZING! A hack this awesome should be spammed with hundreds and hundreds of people! Really looking forward to this! Keep up the great work, would love to see this through to the end!
    Thanks! I really want to finish this project, but people will have to be patient. I posted somewhere in the thread that I thought I could get a beta out by the end of September and...well, here we are and I can say for sure now that it will not happen. Life has become busy over the past few weeks, and my progress has slowed.

    And hopefully someone will be kind enough to make a banner, or you can do it yourself maybe, because I want this in my signature. I would make one but it would turn out horribly and just make the hack look like complete crap.
    Ya know, maybe I will work on a banner when I have time. But if anyone does want to make one for me, go ahead.

    Also, in my opinion, I think you should stick with just 1 rival or 2, I fine it annoying when some hacks have 5.
    eh...did I put something about lots of rivals somewhere? I don't see it...

    It doesn't matter, though, only 2 are planned