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    Originally Posted by ShinyUmbreon189 View Post
    I think their doing it for money cuz they are EASILY the greediest gaming company on the planet. They know people play online so therefore people are gonna buy their games. Gamers will keep buying their crap cuz they like the series. Let's take Madden 13 for example. It's the last game they released and I looked at the features for game play it has and I'd say about 90% of it is about online. They really didn't do nothing new except in the last 2 or 3 Madden games take out probably the best selling game mode in the game. Which is superstar mode. Their only in it for cheese and as long as people don't start realizing their gonna keep selling their crap. Please 2K bring back 2K Football and put these fools out of business.
    It really is hard for 2kSports to compete with EA's Madden franchise, when EA owns the sole rights to the NFL. I'm sure they can produce a superior game then what the Madden franchise has to offer, however without the NFL backing them it really is a huge task to market it. And I really I don't see them ever letting go of the NFL rights. ESPN NFL 2K5 is the last football game I ever purchased personally.

    As for the exclusive multi-player ordeal, I can't say its the worst thing EA has done over the years, not the brightest though. It makes me wonder if they'll continue to to shut down older versions of sports games online, like they've done in the past such as NHL10, in order to force people to buy newer versions of games in order to enjoy the online features? The whole ordeal feels messy, but its their company and realistically its the consumers actions at the checkout that speak to them, not their words. They're a business and they'll do whatever they feel is best.
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