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Contest: #1 - Repose
Description: Well, as you can see the proportions of Pokemon have certainly become more 'realistic'. So yeah, here's a dinosaur-like Charmander. I changed a lot of the proportions, the whole sprite is completely scratch, minus the palette from the B/W Charmander sprite and I made some changed (smaller eyes, larger nostrils, the fire on the tail comes up the tail more, sharper talons and nails on the toes to name just a few.)
Also, some people compare Agumon to Charmander. I did kinda make Charmander look A LOT like a Digmon, haha. xD

Approved, nice take on style!

BZW Golem

Please, don't kill me, I had this crazy idea and just HAD to make it..
I don't believe I can get a good score for this, but I couldn't stop myself for sharing this xD

Username: BZW Golem
Competition: 1

Description: This is how all the Tepigs will end!

Approved...but you are mean bahaha!

Everyone, please enter more of your sprites; time is running out

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