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Originally Posted by AlexTheRose View Post
Username: AlexTheRose
Skill: Mapping (AM, used it for two years), Scripting (actively use PKSV for over a year), Trainer Editing (ADV-Trainer), and possibly little things like publisher selection in ROM headers as well as things like start-game data etc.
Hacking experience: Adding onto and repairing Pokémon Dragonstone, fleshing out a new untitled project for near-future release
Proof: This thread
Time Zone: UTC-7 (US/Canada Mountain Time)
Main Contact: VM me, or e-mail me at my PC MSN handle (although I don't check Messenger that often, I still respond to physical e-mails)
Accepted. I could use you as a scripter, and maybe a mapper
EDIT: Looking for another person. A door animator. Someone who can make door animations

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