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Honestly, this thread was inspired by the one entitled "sup" made in this forum. It got me thinking, many years ago, "sup" wouldn't have been a used word at all. Or even an acknowledged one. The English language is changing in many ways from shortening of words and phrases (for example "sup", "innit", etc.) to use of abbreviations ("omg", "brb", etc. mostly online.). How do you feel about the way that English is changing? Do you consider it to be 'degrading' or simply evolving? Do you think we should really care at all? How about how people speak online and in text messages? Overall what do you think of modern English?

While we're on this topic, how do you feel about swearing? Is it ever useful or necessary? Do people do it too much? Etc?!


btw just because we are discussing swearing here does not allow you to bypass the swear filter.
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