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I suppose you could have, but it would just be easier for everyone to do the in-game version. I'm terribly sorry, guys. I really am. :/ Maybe we can have this event another time in the Challenge forum sometime next year. In the summer. lol

For those of you that are curious, the next challenge event is going to start on October 1st. It's a sports related challenge. It was meant for September, but I was away for...well, a football game haha. I was also sick. So I decided to put it off til October. How the sports fit in will remain a secret, but I feel really bad about this event, so I thought I should at least tell you what the event is sort of about. I hope you will all participate. You'll have a month for it, unlike this one. :P

Small update for me:

Player: Sydian
Game: Sapphire
Badges: 2

Nica / Grovyle (f) lv. 22 @ Miracle Seed
Absorb, Pursuit, Quick Attack, Fury Cutter

MAKIT / Makuhita (m) lv. 17 @ Quick Claw
Rock Tomb, Sand-Attack, Vital Throw, Arm Thrust

For my two trades from another game, I'll be using an Octillery and Mr. Mime that are on my storage Emerald cart. I just kinda looked through all my boxes for something new and interesting, and those two stood out to me. I'll keep them in my box till the appropriate time to use them. They're levels 34 and 42 respectively.

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