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Originally Posted by NecrumWarrior View Post
Congratulations! I honestly didn't expect someone to have the patience to defeat Red by these requirements. Also, I clearly stated in the first post that the goal was to defeat the Elite Four and Champion. Once Mavy42's back to doing requests, I'll have him make you something nice.
I considered Red the bigger (and better) part of this challenge. Sorry if I sounded ignorant there. Red was actually a big challenge but he wasn't impossible to beat with stat reducers and status ailments. I'm just glad I chose Crystal to fight him on and not HeartGold or SoulSilver @.@ He seems extremely tough on those games.


School was pretty easy and didn't have much to do after it so I was able to get pretty far into the Emerald. Sorry if I do not put something big down as I have been playing all week and didn't really think to update it as I go along!

Pokemon Emerald

Number of Badges: 5


*Chose to play as a male (Josh)
*After helping Professor Birch I chose Mudkip (Kid)
*Fought a few battles and talked the person Oldale Town for a free Potion
*Fought May and easily defeated her with a powered up Mudkip
*Went back down to LittleRoot Town and received the pokeballs
*Started catching pokemon before running off to Petalburg: Zigzagoon (Pam), Poocheyena (Liam), Wingull (Tara), Wurmple (Carl), Seedot (Seara), Lotad (Leah) and Ralts (Mana). I kept Pam, Liam, Tara, Carl, and Leah in my team.
*Visited the dad and helped Wally catch his Ralts (even though he missed both hits...)
*After the fun lecture/help, I bought some supplies (potions and pokeballs) and then was off to Petalburg Woods!
*Captured a Shroomish (Patty) and Slakoth (Diana) and had Carl evolve into a Silcoon after holding it back so it couldn't learn Harden. Helped the Devon Corp. guy.
*Finally got out of Petalburg Woods and into Rustboro City, where I went to the school first to receive the quick claw.
*Off to the gym, where I was able to beat the whole thing with just Mudkip, who evolved into marshtomp before my fight with Roxanne.
*Went on to help the Devon Corp. guy again with his problem and captured a Nincada (Cad) and Whismur (Pablo)
*Finally got back and promised to help Mr. Stone in giving his son a letter
*Went back down through Petalburg Woods and asked Mr. Briney (Who I also helped) for a ride to Dewford Town.
*I went straight into Granite Cave to give the letter to Steven Stone. On my way through, I captured a Makuhita (Maku), Sableye (Elliot), Geodude (Heath), Aron, and Zubat (Cthulu). I also had Carl evolve at Lvl. 13 so it could learn Gust instead of Absorb.
*Went through Dewford Gym and defeated Brawly with Tara, Pam and Carl.
*Back to Mr. Briney for a quick trip back to Rustboro for the Exp. Share and then off to Slateport City.
*Had to go find the Captain, which resulted in me bumping into Team Aqua and fighting them, which had Liam evolve into Mightyena. I quickly bought a Harbor Mail.
*After all that excitement, I went to the Trick Masters house for some nice battling and items.
*Had to fight my rival (if that is what you want to call her) and easily won with my stronger pokemon.
*Over to Mauville City, I traded the mail for a Coin Case, received Rock Smash, chose to get the Acro Bike, and trained down Route 117 to get Pam to evolve into a Linoone and Leah to evolve into a Lombre.
*Back in Mauville, I defeated Wally quickly and went into the gym. Everyone was easily defeated by Kid and Pam. Had a little bit of trouble after his Voltorb critical hit Pam and his Magneton defeated Kid by confusing him but I was able to win with a critical hit Water Gun by Tara.
*I switched Leah for Aron so I could teach it Rock Smash and get onto Route 111, where I caught a Numel (Jess), who I quickly switched out Aron for and taught Rock Smash after teaching it Magnitude.
*I went back through the routes and through Fiery Path, where I captured a Slugma (Wilma), Torkoal, and Koffing (Cough). I kept going until I finally got to Fallarbor Town (After capturing a Spinda named Spots). During this time, Tara was able to evolve into a Pelipper.
*Hearing the pleas of the towns people, I rushed off towards Meteor Falls, where I caught a Swablu (Fluff) along the way and a Solrock (Sol) after getting inside.
*After the small talk with Team Aqua/Magma, I found the moon stone and then out of Meteor Falls and into Rustboro City. Not wanting to stay long, I ran off towards Rusturf Tunnel, reuniting the couple (and receiving HM 04) and off to Mt. Chimney. I did stop at the secret area and grab the Black Glasses for Liam.
*I ran through the horde of Magma members and was able to defeat Maxie with a combination of Kid, Tara, Pam and Jess.
*Afterwards, I ran down to Lavaridge Town, where I temporarely boxed Jess to grab the egg and then put her back on the team for my fights in the gym.
*By going through Lavaridge Gym and fighting everyone, Kid evolved into a Swampert and I was able to beat Flannery with Kid and Tara.
*I received the Go Goggles my rival for the desert and had to run all the way back around Fallarbor Town, Rustboro City, Verdanturf and Mauville so I could get into Mirage Tower and grab the Root Fossil.
*Afterwards, I ran to Petalburg City and into the gym. Even though some of the fights were a little too much for Jess, I was able to evolve her into a Camerupt, which, with Liam and Kid, was able to pull a victory from Norman.
*After getting HM 03 from Wally's family, I went back to Mauville to help Wattson with New Mauville. I was able to capture a Magnemite (Maggy) while doing so.
*After the quick help, I surfed over Route 118 and captured a Carvanha (Slash) and Electrike (Eli), who I evolved into a Manectric and replaced Carl on my team.
*I went through Route 119 and helped out the Weather Institute, who gave me the castform (Weather) for the good deed.
*After getting out, I was ambushed by May and forced to fight. I was able to easily overcome her with type advantages and received HM 02 from her.

Current Team:


Eli the Manectric Lvl. 32
Ability: LightningRod
Moves: Howl, Quick Attack, Spark, Flash

Kid the Swampert Lvl. 38
Ability: Torrent
Moves: Strength, Growl, Mud-Slap, Surf

Tara the Pelipper Lvl. 33
Ability: Keen Eye
Moves: Fly, Water Gun, SuperSonic, Wing Attack

Pam the Linoone Lvl. 33
Ability: PickUp
Moves: Tackle, Cut, Tail Whip, Headbutt

Liam the Mightyena Lvl. 33
Ability: Intimidate
Moves: Tackle, Howl, Sand-Attack, Bite

Jess the Camerupt Lvl. 33
Ability: Magma Armor
Moves: Rock Smash, Tackle, Ember, Magnitude

I may change these moves later but right now, these are the final moves.


Another slow-ish week so I was able to finish Emerald.

Number of Badges: 8 and defeated Elite Four


*I ran through Fortree City so I could go see steven on the other side for the scope, which I used to capture the Kecleon that was blocking the way
*Ran back to the gym, using the scope to get rid of the annoying Kecleon in the way.
*Ran through the gym with Eli and occasionaly Jess. Defeated Winona pretty easily (mainly because I destroyed Altaria with Critical hit Spark before it could Dragon Dance it's way into uber sweeper)
*On to Lilycove City for the PokeBlock case so I could get into the Safari Zone, which I spent around an hour in to see if I could get a Pikachu with a Light Ball (I didn't :/)
*Went to Mt. Pyre because the plot line demanded I do it just to see Archie run off with the orb
*Grabbed the Magma Symbol and went down Jagged Path to the Hidout. Defeated The whole place pretty easily and even grabbed a few pokemon while Groudon left.
* Off to Slateport to watch Aqua steal the Submarine and then back to Lilycove to try to stop them (Which doesn't happen...)
*Ran to Mossdeep to quickly grab the Mind Badge before going up to Shoal Cave for a Spheal.
*I leveled up the spheal into a sealeo to teach it Dive so I could find and caught a Relicanth and then I was off to the Underwater Hideout.
*I defeated Team Aqua pretty badly and I was (once again) unable to stop them...
*Back up on the surface, I had to surf to Sootopolis to see Groudon and Kyogre fighting and being told I had to find Rayquaza.
*I ran by Pacifidlong Town so I could just fly back to it later and then went up to Sky Pillar, where I captured at least 1 of all the Pokemon and woke up Rayquaza.
*Back to Sootopolis to watch Rayquaza stop the other two. Had to talk to Maxie and Archie so they would leave and then Wallace moved from the intrance of they gym.
*I quickly switched out Tara and Liam for Surgio (Sealeo), who I evolved to a Walrein before facing the gym and Aria (Golbat), who evolved to a Crobat through using all the stat boosting items I picked up or bought.
*Went through the gym quickly, making sure I fell through to get the extra experience and then defeating Juan with Eli and Kid.
*Once I received the last badge, I flew over to Trick House to defeat it and was then off to the Ever Grande City.
*Trained like hell in Victory Road because of lacking levels while also defeating Wally.
*After leaving Victory Road, I went into the Pokemon League and spent all the money I had on Full Restores and then received promission to into
*I started out against Sidney with Jess and was able to overcome most of his pokemon with just Magnitude (which didn't go below 7), only really switching off to Eli for his Crawdaunt
*Onto Pheobe, I tried the same thing again but her second Dusclops Critical Hit Jess with Earthquake. Quickly switching to first Eli, who had Pheobe's Banette use Grudge on his Spark, which then had me using Aria to defeat the remaining poekmon.
*With Glacia, I started off with Kid and just used Strength to defeat her first 2 Sealeo and switched off to Eli to defeat her Walrein, which was to late to remember that he didn't have spark anymore and was defeated by her Walrein's Sheer Cold on the first turn. Back to Kid, 2 Strengths defeated Walrein and I switched over to Jess to take down the Glalie with Ember and Magnitude.
*With the first three defeated, I went to Drake. I started off with Surgio, who was able to defeat Shelgon and Flygon before finally going down to his Salamance's Rock Slide. I switched over to Pam and critical hit headbutt defeated Salamance. Still used Pam to defeat his Altaria but switched to Eli (who I used berries to replenish his PP) to defeat Kingdra.
*To fight Wallace, I started with Eli to defeat his Wallord and Gyarados but switched to Kid to defeat his whiscash. I didn't switch out with when he used Ludicolo and paid the price when Kid's attacks didn't hit and Ludicolo's Giga Drain defeated him. Quickly sent out Aria to defeat Ludicolo and switched back to Eli when he sent out Milotic, who poisoned Eli and kept recovering after almost every hit. I had to use those Full Restores to make sure he didn't die but a critical hit Surf. Back to Pam and Headbutt to defeat Milotic. He sent out a Tentacruel who poisoned Pam to defeat, so I sent out Walrein to continually Body Slam it until it was defeated.

Final Team:

Eli the Manectric Lvl. 57
Ability: LightningRod
Moves: Howl, Quick Attack, Spark, Flash

Kid the Swampert Lvl. 60
Ability: Torrent
Moves: Strength, Growl, Mud-Slap, Surf

Jess the Camerupt Lvl. 59
Ability: Magma Armor
Moves: Rock Smash, Tackle, Ember, Magnitude

Pam the Linoone Lvl. 58
Ability: PickUp
Moves: Tackle, Cut, Tail Whip, Headbutt

Surgio the Walrein Lvl. 57
Ability: Thick Fat
Moves: Waterfall, Body Slam, Aurora Beam, Dive

Aria the Crobat Lvl. 55
Ability: Inner Focus
Moves: Bite, Wing Attack, Confuse Ray, Fly

I don't plan to start Platinum for a little while.