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Originally Posted by Rainbow_Gray View Post
So I'm a new user (big surprise, right? xD) and I'm feeling a little shy about posting anywhere, but that's just how I am so no big deal, but I have to post somewhere, right, 'cause if not people would start to think I'm a lurker which I kinda am but that isn't what this is really about though it kinda is but I think I'm getting off topic here. Honestly, I don't usually post run on sentences but that's how I talk and sometimes I just get kinda hyper and it just happens, you know? But anyway, I'm Gray and I can't wait to make you my friend x3
Hi Rainbow_Gray, welcome to our community.

I know how hard it is being a new member, that's what I used to be 18 months ago. Now with all these friends and interactivity I began to settle in.

I'm Hikari, who is turning 20 on Monday (so yeah, happy b'day for me). I love memes, anime, cute blue stuff and of course Pokemon. And I liek Oshawottz!

We have sections that cater to everyone's needs, and there might be one you'll like too. You can check out the PC Adoption Center where you can get yourself a mentor by signing a simple form.

If you ever need someone to talk to and show you around, feel free to send me a VM. I'm also open for a friend request.

Have a fun time and be sure to read the rules!

- Hikari10
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