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surprised u didn't link to how to be a heartbreaker. it has shirtless guys in it and i thought you would want to share that w/ the community.

i love marina. my fav songs are: are you satisfied?, mowgli's road, hollywood, hermit the frog, oh no!, bubblegum *****, primadonna, homewrecker, the state of dreaming, power & control, sex yeah, valley of the dolls, hypocrites, how to be a heartbreaker, and radioactive. it took a while for me to get into electra heart, and for a while i thought the family jewels was her best work, but i changed my mind after i forced myself to listen to all the songs. i think it was because lies was a grower track and since it was so early on in the album, it made me get bored of it easily and i was just... it wasn't in the cards for me to finish it all until i forced myself to do so.
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